Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 65

Chapter 65: The Xie Family's Background and Origin

Shen Zhengyao walked up to the Old Master and asked, "Grandfather, on what basis is Young Master Xie able to control Ning An City? The royal families can just join forces and then we'll see if he still can do his job."

Shen Wenqi nodded his head in agreement. "Dad, the Shen family has always been living well but ever since that Young Master Xie arrived in Ning An City, our family has gotten into a lot of trouble. Young Master Xie is also associated with Yun Bixue. According to Aunt, when Yun Bixue kicked up a fuss at the Yun family home, the subordinates of Young Master Xie were addressing her as Young Madam."

Shen Zhengyao added fuel to the fire. "Grandfather, who else could our Shen family be afraid of? No matter what we do, no one would dare to question us. However, it seems like an insignificant figure has been causing us to rack our brains. When I walk along the streets, I also get weird looks from the passersby." Thinking of this, Shen Zhengyao started feeling uneasy.

"Silly... cough, cough! Both of you should stop doing silly things..." Old Master Shen sat up suddenly, causing him to cough.

Shen Wenqi rushed forward to hold Old Master Shen up to guide his breathing. "Dad, don't be angry. Aren't we asking for your opinion?"

"Grandfather, our Shen family is not afraid of anyone, and we can collaborate with other families to restrain Young Master Xie. And the Yun family should absolutely not be led by Yun Bixue. It's only beneficial for our Shen family if Aunt becomes the leader of the Yun family." Shen Zhengyao had always been placed on a pedestal and naturally feared nothing. With the recent events making everyone jittery, he couldn't swallow down such disgrace.

Old Master Shen had expected better from them. "You... Sigh, what do you know about the Xie family?"

Shen Zhengyao shook his head. "I have yet to hear that the Xie family was anything superior in Country A. Rumour has it that their talents were scouted from overseas."

"Hmph, both of you are still young and don't even know the prowess of the Xie family. Have you heard about the story of the Northern Xie Southern Wang families?" Upon mentioning this, Old Master Shen seemed distracted, as if reminiscing something.

"Northern Xie Southern Wang?"

"Yes, the stories tell of how the northern regions of Country A all belonged to the Xie family, and that the southern regions belonged to the Wang family. Do you still remember the poem from thousands of years ago on how the swallow would make a nest only outside the rich households of the Wang and Xie family?" Old Master Shen explained with a sigh.

Shen Wenqi and Shen Zhengyao were both taken aback as their expressions changed. The Xie family had unexpectedly originated from such a rich history.

Old Master Shen continued, "The Wang and Xie families are still the same as before. However, after accumulating their powers for thousands of years, they are no longer households that families of our caliber can mess around with. It might not be effective even if we join forces. Thus, if you wish to strike a stone with an egg, do not drag the Shen family into this. The hunter will shoot the bird that sticks out, be wary that the Xie family might experiment on you first."

Shen Wenqi and Shen Zhengyao listened and then finally shivered in fear. Luckily they hadn't done anything yet, and the Shen family hadn't targeted Young Master Xie.

The atmosphere abruptly turned suppressive and gloomy. Finally, Shen Zhengyao asked quietly, "Grandfather, is there really no method to hold them down? Will the Xie and Wang family continue to just have things go their way?"

Old Master Shen pondered for a long time before lethargically opening his mouth to respond, "The Xie and Wang family both serve to restrain the other. The north and south counterbalance each other, and neither of them would choose to break the peace. After such a long time, our Country A has already formed its own structure based on this. Regarding the number of people who would follow the Xie family's orders, that is a question that has yet to be answered."

Shen Wenqi's eyes lit up. "Dad, that also means that there is a way. It only depends on how we execute it."

"Stop cooking up new schemes. Our Shen family has come so far, and we definitely can't afford to commit any mistakes. Only you could hide things from me. Our Shen family has always waited quietly to watch things progress, and we have never antagonized anyone. However, you should just live well and improve yourself, rather than working on something beyond your means. There are many matters that we can adapt ourselves to, but you should never be the one to head such changes. Whatever the reason Young Master Xie has come to Ning An City, nobody knows."