Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 650

Chapter 650 Stirring Up Ning An City

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The head of the Fang family felt extremely uneasy, his heart thumping erratically. He also understood what Xie Limo was capable of. Finally, he swallowed and said, “Let’s not panic, alright? We need to stay calm. I heard that Young Master Xie had just returned from Zi Bei City, and it’s been very peaceful for several days now. Let’s just wait and see what he will do next. After all, we’re all prominent leaders of Ning An City. Let’s not scare ourselves.”

After the five families’ meeting, they reached a temporary agreement. They thought that if Young Master Xie were really the mastermind of these incidents and had found out about what they did, he surely wouldn’t let them off.

That was why they decided that they might as well fight back hard. But for now, they wouldn’t be making any moves.

The peace lasted only for a few days, however, because a groundbreaking rumor spread across the entire Ning An City—the city was going to have its largest business meeting ever. The invited families would have an opportunity to receive a green card that can give them privileges in Ning An City. With that green card, all the businesses owned by the families would be entitled to strategic discounts across the whole city, and they would even receive support from the government if they started up new businesses. To top it off, they would enjoy reduced taxes for the first three years.

There were a total of three economic green cards, and all the families were racking their brains on how to get it. So what if they were families with a hundred years of history? They still wanted that green card.

The business meeting was widely covered by the media. It became the headline story online, and all the flyers and newspapers reported the details about this meeting.

Within ten days, almost every citizen in Ning An City had heard about this business meeting.

Everyone was also guessing who would be invited.

“Wow, this is wonderful news! I don’t even know which families would be invited.”

“Those small families better give up. The seats are definitely reserved for those hundred-year-old noble families. Hasn’t it been like that all these years?”

“The century-old noble families have always called the shots here in Ning An City. They even suppressed the newer families and their businesses. I always think that they’re hiding something and looking down on others.”

“Don’t think too much about it. Who knows, there might be some changes this year. Don’t forget that Young Master Xie is leading Ning An City now!”

“Would Young Master Xie ignore those century-old families and search for new ones?”

“Anything is possible, so let’s wait for more details. The list of invited families will be announced soon.”

While everyone was taking a guess and talking excitedly about it on social media, several small and mid-ranking families received the invitation to the meeting. The moment they received it, they were in utter disbelief. They were so elated that their hands shook, almost dropping the invitation in their excitement.

They were all trying to verify if the invitation was authentic. “This is real and not fake, right?”

“It’s one hundred percent real. Such an invitation card can only appear in Ning An City.”

The families who were invited were so excited that they couldn’t sleep for several days. They really hadn’t imagined that such a good opportunity would fall upon them. They would definitely cherish and not miss this great chance.

Everyone was grateful to Xie Limo as they prepared their finances and focused their attention on the business meeting. Regardless of their attire or the gifts they would bring that day, they had to show their sincerity.

Therefore, they maintained a humble attitude and prepared seriously.

That day, Xie Limo went to the Su family villa to meet Su Lenghan. It was almost noon when Su Lenghan carried his infant daughter in.

He looked at Xie Limo, who was sitting by the window, and smiled apologetically. “I’m sorry, there wasn’t anyone at home. I have no choice but to bring my daughter here.” As Su Lenghan spoke, he gazed lovingly and warmly at his daughter.

Xie Limo had never seen Su Lenghan behaving like this. Su Lenghan had changed rather drastically since the first time Xie Limo met him.