Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 651

Chapter 651 Young Master Xie Carries A Child For The First Time

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Xie Limo looked at Su Lenghan and felt like the latter was a completely different person. It hadn’t even been that long, but the sharp and intimidating aura had disappeared from Su Lenghan’s body. He looked as though he was refreshed and pure.

Not only that, but strands of white hair could be faintly seen on Su Lenghan’s head.

A distant and dark glint flashed across Xie Limo’s eyes, and he asked, “Have you become a nanny now?”

Su Lenghan placed his daughter on the chair and secured her hat in place. He smiled gently and said, “Have I? Everyone says the same at the company.”

Xie Limo watched the satisfied smile on Su Lenghan’s face and how he fixed his daughter’s clothes. He even kissed his daughter’s cheek.

Emotions welled up in Xie Limo’s heart. He couldn’t help but admit that judging from these small details, Su Lenghan was indeed a great father.

At that moment, Su Lenghan’s daughter flipped over, and she stared squarely at Xie Limo with her beautiful and curious gaze.

A warm feeling stirred up in Xie Limo’s heart. “Your daughter is adorable. What’s her name?”

“Yangyang.” Su Lenghan held Yangyang’s hand and gently waved it as he said her name. Lowering his head, he told her, “Yangyang, this is Uncle Xie. Say hi to Uncle Xie.”

Xie Limo smiled softly at the little girl. “Can I carry her?”

“Of course.”

Hearing that Su Lenghan had agreed, Xie Limo stood up and stepped forward. He placed his hands around her and said, “Here, Yangyang, let Uncle Xie carry you.” Although he knew that the child didn’t understand him, he still smiled warmly at her.

Yangyang flashed a pure and child-like smile at Xie Limo. Perhaps Xie Limo’s smile had been so beautiful and exquisite that even a child was moved by him.

Seeing that smile on the child, Xie Limo felt that his heart had been thoroughly cleansed. Everyone said that a child’s smile was the purest and freshest. At that moment, he truly understood what that meant.

“Look, she smiled at me.”

Su Lenghan caressed his daughter’s face lovingly. “This little girl is fond of you.”

Xie Limo didn’t know how to carry a child as it was his first time, so Su Lenghan taught him. “Support her here like this and carry her like this way… Put your hand behind her head…”

Even with Su Lenghan’s help, Xie Limo was still struggling as he clumsily copied Su Lenghan’s movements. He simply didn’t know how to carry a child.

Su Lenghan looked at Xie Limo, who was always so exquisite and capable, and couldn’t help but laugh after seeing how clumsy he was. “This must be your first time carrying a child, right?”

Beads of sweat started to show on Xie Limo’s forehead, and he smiled in embarrassment as a faint red glow appeared on his cheeks. At that moment, he was shining so beautifully.

Even Su Lenghan couldn’t help but feel surprised. He could only admit that no one else could compare to Xie Limo. Even a man like him couldn’t help but admire him.

After expending much effort, Xie Limo finally learned how to carry a child properly. He heaved a sigh of relief. Shortly after, however, the child began to wail loudly.

Xie Limo started to panic. He didn’t know what was happening. “What happened to her? She was fine just now.” Xie Limo, who usually had everything under control, started to feel an immense sense of defeat.

In the past, he thought that it looked so simple and effortless as he watched others carry their child. Why was it so difficult for him to do the same? Also, he didn’t do anything wrong while carrying her. Why did she cry all of a sudden? The sounds of her crying were really torturous.

Su Lenghan smiled and answered, “She cried when I carried her for the first time too. She’ll get used to it after a while. You can just walk around while carrying her, then sway around a little and comfort her. It’ll be fine.”