Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 652

Chapter 652 The Daughter In Young Master Xie's Mind

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Xie Limo followed Su Lenghan’s instructions and stood up to walk around. He then cooed helplessly, “Yangyang, stop crying. Stop crying. Uncle Xie will buy you candy later…” Perhaps Xie Limo’s voice was too soothing that Yangyang stopped crying after being comforted by him.

As he swayed, she even began to giggle.

Seeing the child’s smile, happiness swelled up in Xie Limo’s heart. Indeed, a child’s pure smile could easily melt a person’s heart.

Now, he could somehow understand why Su Lenghan treated his daughter so lovingly.

Su Lenghan was impressed as he said, “This child usually doesn’t like to be carried by other people. She doesn’t even like to be carried by my parents. It’s so weird that she wants to be carried by you today.”

An exquisite curve appeared on Xie Limo’s lips as warmth filled his eyes. “Yangyang likes Uncle Xie, right?” As he spoke, he lifted Yangyang in his arms and spun around.

Su Lenghan watched them and suddenly felt very peaceful. He thought that if a man like Xie Limo were to have a child, he would definitely pamper the child with all his heart. He said, “If you were to have a child with Yun Bixue, you would surely be happy.”

He wanted to say that Xie Limo’s child wouldn’t be like Yangyang. Yangyang only had a father, since Meng Xinyan didn’t even care about her at all.

Thinking of Meng Xinyan, a cold glint flashed fleetingly across Su Lenghan’s eyes. He wasn’t greedy—he was satisfied with having only his daughter. After all, he wouldn’t fall for anyone else ever again.

The mention of a child made Xie Limo stop swaying. He tightened his embrace on Yangyang and lowered his head to look at her. His mind began to imagine how Bixue and his child would look like if they were to have one. Would the child’s eyes resemble him or Bixue? What about the nose, mouth, and eyebrows?

The more he thought, the image of a little Bixue emerged in his head. His heart turned soft, and he began to anticipate it. At that moment, he knew that he wanted to have a daughter with Bixue—a daughter who looked just like his wife. If it were to happen, he would provide the best things in the world for her, making her the happiest girl in the world.

He thought about how he would take care of her when she grew up. He also wondered what he would do if a young man grew fond of her. What if someone wanted to marry her?

That thought cut his heart like a knife—he had to marry off his precious daughter to someone else. Although that person would replace him and his wife in loving his daughter, this kind of feeling was too unbearable…

The more he thought about his future daughter, the more Xie Limo couldn’t stop this train of thought.

Unknowingly, his grip on Yangyang became too strong, and she began crying. Hearing her cries, Xie Limo finally snapped out of his daze and comforted her.

At that moment, Su Lenghan’s phone rang, and he smiled apologetically to Xie Limo. He looked at Yangyang to make sure that she was feeling fine before going to the other side of the room to pick up the call.

Xie Limo carried Yangyang and continued to comfort her. He then asked, “Yangyang, you’re so adorable. Yes, show Uncle Xie a smile. What do you want to eat?”

An exquisite and beautiful smile appeared on Xie Limo’s face. He felt completely satisfied carrying the child, and his body radiated an enticing glow. It was a dazzling sight to behold.

Someone noticed him, and a flash accompanied the sounds of a shutter. Xie Limo’s expression changed instantly as he glanced at the source of the sounds. Although he didn’t see anyone, a cold glint flashed across his eyes.

Yangyang might have felt the coldness emanating from Xie Limo’s body because her lips pressed together for a moment before she began to bawl again. Xie Limo hurriedly moved and swayed to comfort her. His voice was warm and pleasing to the ears, and eventually, Yangyang began to giggle as she listened to him.

Shortly after, Su Lenghan returned. He appeared to be in a bad mood.

Xie Limo didn’t probe, but Su Lenghan took Yangyang back into his arms. He told Xie Limo, “Yangyang’s mother called. She wants to see her.”

Xie Limo didn’t want to interfere with Su Lenghan’s family matters, so he didn’t ask him about Meng Xinyan.