Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 655

Chapter 655 As Men

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Su Lenghan sighed quietly. For Yun Bixue, and for compensating what he owed her, he would make the Su family side with Xie Limo. They would support every decision that Xie Limo made.

Xie Limo knew what Su Lenghan was thinking, that was why he gave him face and handed the invitation to him personally.

When Xie Limo stood up, Su Lenghan said, “I’ll be there.”

In reality, this clearly showed Su Lenghan’s stance.

Xie Limo smiled and nodded at Su Lenghan. He then stepped forward and caressed Yangyang’s tiny hands. “Yangyang, I will leave now. Uncle Xie will be back to see you.”

At that moment, Xie Liu entered the room with a heap of small desserts for the baby.

Xie Limo took them from him and handed them to Su Lenghan. “These are all from the Xie family’s headquarters. They are specially made for infants and do not have any preservatives. You can rest assured that she can safely eat them.”

If Xie Limo were to give Su Lenghan something, the latter probably wouldn’t pay attention to it. But in this case, these gifts were for Yangyang, and Xie Limo’s gesture made Su Lenghan feel very grateful.

He didn’t know what to do. They were both men, but at that point, he admitted defeat. He truly understood that he really couldn’t be compared to Xie Limo. In all honesty, he felt happy for Yun Bixue that she found Xie Limo.

Just as Xie Limo was about to leave, the door was forced open, and a woman barged in and dashed towards Su Lenghan.

Xie Liu quickly grabbed the woman’s hand and flipped her around, slamming her to the ground.


Hearing the woman’s pained groan as she landed on the ground, Su Lenghan’s expression changed. While carrying his daughter, he stood up and stared hard at her. “Meng Xinyan, I’ve told you before that I don’t want to see you anymore. I won’t let Yangyang see you too.”

Meng Xinyan got up from the ground and cried, “Su Lenghan, you’re so cruel. I’m the child’s biological mother, but you abandoned me just like that. Can’t I see my daughter? You’re so evil. I want to see my daughter! I want to see her!” After saying all these, Meng Xinyan began to wail.

Since Xie Liu was beside her, Meng Xinyan didn’t dare to dash towards the child anymore. She could only whine and cry.

Because she was frightened, Yangyang began to bawl loudly, her face turning red from crying.

Su Lenghan felt helpless. Since he was dealing with Meng Xinyan at the moment, he couldn’t even comfort his daughter properly.

Xie Limo didn’t leave right away. He turned to Su Lenghan and said, “Hand me the child. Settle this first.” As soon as he said this, he took Yangyang and instructed Xie Liu to remain in the room in case the latter’s help would be needed.

After leaving with Yangyang in his arms, he comforted her and played with her.

Su Lenghan looked at Meng Xinyan and said coldly, “Meng Xinyan, do you think this is funny?”

Meng Xinyan glared at Su Lenghan. “Su Lenghan, how can you be so cruel? You didn’t give me any money and stopped me from seeing my child. I can sue you for this!”

“Meng Xinyan, you don’t love Yangyang at all. You’re just treating her as a pawn in your game. Tell me, how can I allow her to meet a mother like you? What is your heart made of? As her mother, how can you be so cruel? I already gave you a huge amount of money, and you agreed not to come and see Yangyang. You’re going against your words now!”

Su Lenghan was truly disgusted at Meng Xinyan. She was simply testing his limits again and again, always mentioning Yangyang for her own convenience. His heart already felt exhausted.

Meng Xinyan stared at Su Lenghan with eyes full of hatred. Her voice raised an octave as she said, “Su Lenghan, you said you’ll treat me well, but how are you treating me now? Huh? Tell me!”