Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 657

Chapter 657 Yun Bixue Faints

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Meng Xintong looked Yun Bixue’s teasing expression and reached out to hold her hand. “Bixue, you’re the reason why I have everything now. It’s all because of you. Even Young Master Xie was willing to help Pingyu and me. I know it’s because of our friendship. I—”

Whatever Meng Xintong was about to say didn’t make it as Yun Bixue cut in and said, “Look at yourself. If you treat me as your good friend, then don’t say such things. Let me tell you some good news. When I go to Tian Jing City one of these days, you can also tag along with Zhou Pingyu.”

Meng Xintong was stunned and didn’t understand what she meant. When it finally dawned on her, she asked excitedly, “Y-You mean… Do you mean that Zhou Pingyu will be promoted and transferred to Tian Jing City?”

“Keep this a secret first. You will find out after some time.”

Meng Xintong was still ecstatic and couldn’t calm down. Looking at Yun Bixue, she felt exceptionally grateful. She gripped the invitation card tightly, as though it was something very precious.

While the two of them chatted, a large screen outside the window was displaying a photo. Its caption was ‘Young Master Xie’s illegitimate child?’, and it showed Young Master Xie carrying and comforting a child.

When Yun Bixue looked out the window and saw it, her mind simply blanked out. The impact of that scene was shattering, and she only felt her head ringing loudly. Shortly after, her vision became blurry, and it eventually turned black. She didn’t feel any emotions, but her heart ached dully. Finally, she shuddered and fainted.

Meanwhile, Meng Xintong was looking at that shocking photo, her mouth hanging open. Unbelievable. Young Master Xie treated Yun Bixue so well, so how could he have a mistress and an illegitimate child? But judging from the photo and the accompanying news report, it didn’t look fake at all.

Young Master Xie’s pose while carrying the child triggered her. The smile he wore while looking at the child was even more piercingly blinding.

While Meng Xintong was lost in a daze, she heard a loud thud. She immediately turned around and saw Yun Bixue slumped against the table.

After snapping out of her shock, she immediately called for an ambulance to send Yun Bixue to the hospital.

Meng Xintong was about to call Young Master Xie, but after recalling the news earlier, she hesitated and decided not to do it.

She followed the ambulance and went to the hospital. Once she arrived, she stayed by Yun Bixue’s side, but her heart felt uneasy and lost. That news just came out of nowhere.

Her heart still couldn’t calm down. She only hoped that nothing bad would happen to Yun Bixue. She could feel that Yun Bixue’s happiness and spirits were all dependent on Young Master Xie. She didn’t even dare to imagine what would happen to Yun Bixue if Young Master Xie had really done something wrong. Would she break down and become depressed?

Outside the room, even the doctors and nurses in the hospital were talking about it.

“Did you see it? It’s all over the news and social media! How shocking! My hands were trembling when I read the news on my phone!”

“What news are you talking about?”

“It’s about Young Master Xie’s illegitimate child. It’s really unexpected! Young Master Xie treats Miss Yun so well, y’know? Apparently, it was all for show!”

“Ha! I knew it! Every man has a mistress. Young Master Xie is such an outstanding man, so it’s not really a surprise if he has a mistress. Maybe he wanted to maintain a good image in the eyes of the public. After all, he has a political career to take care of.”

“Yeah, I think so too. Let’s see if Yun Bixue will still act so stuck up. She stole our male idol from us. Look what happened to her.”

“Enough. Let’s stop feeling jealous. There’s nothing wrong with Miss Yun. Which part of her offended you? She’s just Young Master Xie’s official wife. Are you jealous because of that?”

Listening to the doctors’ and nurses’ conversation, Meng Xintong was livid. However, looking at Yun Bixue, who was lying on the hospital bed, she felt even more lost.