Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 658

Chapter 658 Refused To Wake Up

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Meng Xintong felt sorry for Yun Bixue. Seeing how frail the latter looked on the bed, she tightened her grip on her cell phone, as though she desperately wanted to crush it. The more she thought about it, the angrier she felt. She had initially thought that Young Master Xie was great, but now she realized that she must have been wrong.

Because Meng Xintong was so worried about Yun Bixue, aside from being too frustrated at the moment, she was very irrational. Her blood was still boiling with rage.

Young Master Xie actually had an illegitimate child?The words illegitimate child kept flashing in her mind. She simply couldnt wrap her head around it.

Looking at Yun Bixue, who was still unconscious while she was being administered an IV drip, Meng Xintongs heart ached. Her friends current pitiful state almost made her head explode with pent up anger.

Meanwhile, Yun Bixue constantly dreamed. In her dreams, Xie Limo was carrying a child. Her heart ached and throbbed as she watched, and she couldnt help feeling desolate and miserable.

Xie Limo had pulled her out of her most desperate times, but how could he make her sad again?

In her sleep, a tear trickled down her eye. Perhaps it was due to the misery she felt, or maybe it was because she didnt want to wake up.

When Meng Xintong saw Yun Bixues tears, she felt very sorry for her.Why must a woman suffer so much pain? Yun Bixue had truly suffered enough.

Meng Xintong didnt want to inform Xie Limo, and she definitely couldnt let Yun Bixues grandfather know out about this. It will only make him worried.

Sometimes, she even felt that Yun Bixues life was more miserable than her own. Yun Bixue had experienced so much and had overcome those trials, bottling up so many things in her heart. Meng Xintong had no idea how much pain a woman could take.

The more she thought, the more bitter she felt. It was precisely because of this bitterness that she couldnt help but shed a tear for Yun Bixue.

In particular, she really wanted to dash out of the room and chase away all those doctors and nurses who were gossiping outsid