Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 66

Chapter 66: Everything is Under Control

After leaving Old Master Shen's room, Shen Wenqi and Shen Zhengyao both wore heavy expressions on their faces, even looking wary at times. The Shen family had conspired with Old Lady Shen to target Yun Bixue. In addition, Yun Bixue and Young Master Xie shared an intimate relationship. Young Master Xie would most likely retaliate against them first.

"Zhengyao, strictly speaking, Yun Bixue is your sister. Bring a gift and visit her." Shen Wenqi felt his head go numb. Previously, he'd observed how his aunt and Yun Bixue hadn't seen eye to eye and wondered if Yun Bixue would show him some grace this time.

"Dad, do you really want me to go?" Shen Zhengyao was highly reluctant.

"Forget it, let's not go." Shen Wenqi waved his hand tiredly. It seemed like everything had been going out of control recently. The Shen family had also lost their peace and quiet from dealing with the issue regarding Zhu Quan.

He couldn't wrap his head around itwhy would his aunt try to kill Yun Bixue? She had vowed that nothing would happen to Yun Bixue. It would be more desirable if Yun Bixue had really died, but her survival only made other people more vexed.

Yun Bixue had been busying herself with the businesses of the Snow Cloud Group and the establishment of the video game company. She couldn't even be bothered about any other matters. When the set-up of the video game company was almost complete, she could finally take a breather.

Yang Mei walked into the house designated as their base of operations and placed a deck of documents before Yun Bixue. "Miss, this is the information of the talents selected by the entire Group."

"Okay, there are some black sheep within the Group. Get someone to monitor them, and we will find an opportunity to cull the crowd." Yang Mei had taken over the role of nominal president of the Snow Cloud Group so that no one would learn of the affiliation between the Group and the Yun family.


"Uncle Liu, how are matters regarding Duan Qiushu?"

"Miss, you have great judgment. Mr. Duan is a capable man with great prospects. I have allocated two assistants to him, and both of them admire Mr. Duan's character and management skills. I heard that in order to dominate the markets, Mr. Duan has been working hard ever since the company was established."

"Okay, that's great." Her grandfather had trained her to understand people, but she was inadequate when it came to reading emotions. Luckily, she now had Limo, something that could be counted as a blessing in disguise.

"Miss, should I arrange for a security guard to stay by your side?" Uncle Liu felt worried leaving her alone. There used to be Xie Shiyi by her side, but now...

"Uncle Liu, don't worry. Limo has designated Xie Shi to be my chauffeur, and he's also a first-class fighter. Xie Shiyi has returned to nurse her injuries, and I will continue to work with her when she gets back." In actual fact, Xie Limo had almost forsaken Xie Shiyi for not fulfilling her duties. It was as though he had shut her out. If she hadn't asked and if Xie Liu hadn't answered, she would still be kept in the dark. Ultimately, that car accident had not been Xie Shiyi's fault. If it hadn't been for her nimble reflexes, Yun Bixue wouldn't have escaped so safely.

By now, she had almost settled the matters with the Shen family. There would be a wave of chaos crashing over the Shen family within the next few days, and she hoped that they could endure her revenge. The mistress she hired for her youngest uncle had also successfully hooked up with him, but Yang Siru was still oblivious to this. When the opportunity arose, she would unwrap this present for Yang Siru right in front of her.

After double-checking and ensuring that everything was in place, Yun Bixue then leisurely went to the prison to visit Miao Zifu.

"I'm Miss Miao's university roommate. My surname is Yun. Inform her, I think she'll agree to meet me." Yun Bixue sat on the guest seat and spoke calmly.

When the prison guards relayed the message, Miao Zifu lost her mind and couldn't believe her ears. She had been there for so long, and no one had visited her. She had thought about it for a long time and was scared, but Yun Bixue was the last person she expected as her first visiter.