Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 661

Chapter 661 Young Master Xie Visits The Hospital

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Xie Limo grabbed the newspaper he had just slammed on the table and crumpled it, almost crushing it into a pulp. His veins bulged out, and he couldn’t help but feel the urge to grab his gun and shoot it again.

He threw a glance at his three subordinates.

That single glance made their hearts stop momentarily. They had a feeling that Young Master Xie might aim his gun at them.

They had failed to perform their duties this time. These incidents had happened again and again in such a small place like Ning An City.

They knew that if something were to happen to Young Madam, they would take their own lives themselves. Young Master Xie didn’t need to do it personally. This was the duty and responsibility of the Xie family’s men of sacrifice—they would kill themselves to pay for their sins.

However, their lives belonged to Young Master Xie too. Since Young Master didn’t order them to kill themselves, they had to stay alive. They still had these matters to settle.

Time trickled slowly past. Xie Limo’s heart still had not calmed down.

Although Young Master Xie didn’t say anything about these media companies, they knew that his blood was boiling deep down. Those companies that had published and reported this news would definitely be eradicated by Young Master Xie, and things could possibly get worse than that.

No matter what kind of situation Xie Limo had dealt with in the past, Xie Limo was always calm and composed. But this time around, he kept pacing back and forth. His expression was distant and vague, and the iciness surrounding him was intense. The entire house emanated a fiery, murderous aura.

Right at this moment, their computer system received a notification. The Xie family’s subordinates had located Yun Bixue—she was in the hospital.

As soon as he read this report, Young Master Xie grabbed his car keys and rushed outside.

Xie Liu, Xie Qi, and Xie Ba remained standing at the same spot. They didn’t dare to move at all, nor make any sound. Even though Young Master Xie had left, the cold atmosphere still lingered in the air.

Xie Limo drove to the hospital at the fastest speed the car could go. After parking at the hospital’s entrance, he walked straight into the main building.

All the doctors and nurses who passed by him had initially wanted to greet him respectfully, but sensing the murderous and cold aura around him, they couldn’t help but shudder. They even forgot to speak. When they snapped out of their shock, Young Master Xie had already taken the elevator.

He approached the nurse at the reception area and requested for Yun Bixue’s room number. After that, Xie Limo went straight into the room. The moment he stepped inside and saw Meng Xintong, the look in Xie Limo’s eyes were filled with coldness and killing intent.

Meng Xintong’s heart pounded, fear filling her heart. She tried to say something but couldn’t get it out of her mouth.

When Young Master Xie sat near Yun Bixue’s head, his cold aura had dissipated, and the air around him became much gentler. Meng Xintong finally steeled herself and asked, “Young Master Xie, what is the news about your illegitimate child about?”

“Matron Meng, as the heir to the Meng family, the first thing you need to learn is to differentiate the truth from the fake news. You can’t even do that properly.”

Although Xie Limo merely said those few words, he made Meng Xintong incredibly embarrassed and guilty. She felt as though he had slapped her on her face twice. At that moment, she desperately wanted to hide in a hole.

Meng Xintong bowed her head and stared at her toes. She said, “The doctor said that Bixue is fine, but she doesn’t want to wake up. He also said that it will be fine if you deal with this yourself.”

After saying this, Meng Xintong hurriedly left the room. Leaning against the door outside, she panted heavily. Xie Limo had been too intimidating earlier, and she couldn’t help but feel terrified.

She felt that if she were to stay inside any longer, she would suffocate to death. He was too scary. This man might be wonderful, but Yun Bixue was probably the only person who could handle him.

Meng Xintong patted her chest a few times. She thought that if she weren’t Yun Bixue’s friend, she would probably be blacklisted by Young Master Xie. She had kept the truth from Young Master Xie. At that point, she realized what a huge mistake it was.