Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 664

Chapter 664 Looks Strong But Is Frail

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Xie Limo carried Yun Bixue and walked outside, as though no one was around them. While leaning against his back, she didn’t care about what others thought too. As long as he was with her, her heart would feel alive.

In reality, she knew that she looked strong on the outside, but she was actually a fragile woman, especially when it came to relationships. She really valued her relationships, that was why after An Yexuan and Su Lenghan abandoned her, she couldn’t take any more blows.

She was afraid that after suffering another heartbreak, she would never be able to recover.

Fortunately, everything was fine. It wasn’t because she didn’t trust him, but because she loved him too much. Therefore, her heart became too fragile. She had clearly wanted to be strong, but her heart was simply too delicate and would shatter easily.

Luckily, she met Xie Limo. He rescued her from her desolation, and this allowed her heart to heal slowly.

The two of them walked along the corridor. The nurses and doctors on duty gathered again and whispered among each other. “I’m so envious. If only my husband treated me like that!”

“I told you Young Master Xie likes only Young Madam. That news is fake. What ‘illegitimate child?’ They just did that to get the attention of the public and raise their views.”

“But you have to admit that it was really shocking. We all believed it. The views hit more than a million in just half a day. This figure isn’t exaggerated, y’know?”

“Tsk, tsk. Look at how indulgent Young Master Xie is to Young Madam. Even if he had a child, the child must definitely be Miss Yun’s. It can’t be anyone else.”

“I’ve heard that Young Master Xie loves his wife very much and is very protective of her. Let me tell you a secret. Star’s Fate Jewelry’s bankruptcy is connected to their shabby treatment of Miss Yun.”


“Could the media companies be shut down too because of this?”

“Possibly. That depends on what Young Master Xie wants to do. Ahh, really. You can offend anyone else except Miss Yun. This is the unspoken rule here in Ning An City.”

“We better chat less about it then and do our work. From now on, we should never speculate anything. It’ll be our fault if we make wild guesses.”

Yun Bixue could hear everything that they said. She looked at Xie Limo, who was carrying her solemnly, and felt very safe. What the others said had nothing to with her. She could take on the world as long as he was by her side.

After putting Yun Bixue down on the passenger seat, Xie Limo went somewhere else. He returned shortly and brought her a small piece of cake. “Eat this to fill your stomach first. When we’re home, you can have your favorite dishes.” While saying this, Xie Limo locked Yun Bixue’s seat belt in place, then finally drove home.

Yun Bixue ate the cake inside the car, its sweetness spreading to her heart.

When she was done eating, she leaned on the seat and fell asleep.

After Xie Limo parked the car, he turned to the side and noticed that Yun Bixue had fallen asleep. He shook his head resignedly and unlocked her seatbelt. He alighted from his car and went to the side of the passenger seat to pick her up.

His movements woke Yun Bixue up. Seeing that it was Xie Limo before her, she trustingly leaned against him as he embraced her while carrying her inside the house.

She simply wanted to enjoy being pampered by him. She had suffered a huge shock earlier today.

Xie Limo entered the living room and let Yun Bixue down. He poured her a glass of warm water and went to the kitchen to heat up the food. Shortly after, he placed the warm dishes on the table.

He constantly tried to feed Yun Bixue. When she wanted to rest after the meal, she turned around and saw three men standing at the corner of the living room. They were Xie Liu, Xie Qi, and Xie Ba.

She hadn’t even noticed them earlier. She blinked her eyes and looked at the three of them again. “What happened to them?” Yun Bixue asked.

“Nothing. They are reflecting on themselves.” Xie Limo glanced at the three men. “Why are you still standing there? Go get busy.”