Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 667

Chapter 667 The Dragon And Phoenix Crowns

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Xie Limo said, “That child is pretty cute. She’s well protected from Meng Xinyan by Su Lenghan.”

With Yun Bixue still in Xie Limo’s warm embrace, the two of them talked some more. Not long after, Yun Bixue started yawning. Seeing how tired she was, Xie Limo rushed her to shower and sleep.

“I don’t feel like showering today.” Yun Bixue pouted in a cute manner.

“It’s okay not to shower and just do it tomorrow morning, but since you were admitted in the hospital today, you’ll feel better if you slept after showering. Be good now, okay?”

Yun Bixue stretched her hands out to Xie Limo and said, “But I don’t wanna move.”

A glint flashed across Xie Limo’s eyes. “My wife, are you sure you don’t want to do it yourself?”

Looking at the dark waves roaring within Xie Limo’s eyes, her heart skipped a beat as she realized what he meant. She sat up from the sofa in an instant. “I can do it myself. I’m not tired at all,” was all she said before she sprinted for the shower, leaving Xie Limo behind who broke into laughter.

While Yun Bixue was showering, Xie Limo received a call from his mother, who was at the Xie family headquarters. Once he answered, he heard his mother’s excited voice from the other end, saying, “Limo, is Bixue beside you?”

“No, she’s showering right now.”

“Ah, I didn’t interrupt anything then?”

Beads of cold sweat formed on Xie Limo’s forehead as he coughed lightly. “Mother, is something the matter?”

“Well, I bought a vintage crown today at an auction. It’s rumored to be a queen’s crown from ten thousand years ago. It was priceless and caused an uproar worldwide, but since I liked it, I bought it under the envy of everyone. I want to give it to my daughter-in-law. You guys are planning to hold a small wedding in Ning An City, right? When you guys change into your traditional wedding attires, wear this. It’s a respected crown called the Queen’s Glory, and yours would be the Dragon’s Crown. They make up a pair. Also, this set was worn by the most loving king and queen…”

Hearing his mother’s excited voice, Xie Limo’s lips curled up into a light smile. “I’ll tell her about it later.”

“Please do. The main concern is if Bixue likes it. If she has any requests, you have to fulfill them. The Xie family owes this child, so we have to make up for it. You’re not allowed to bully my daughter-in-law, alright? If she runs away, I’ll come after you.”

“Rest assured, Lady Mother. Even if I run away, your daughter-in-law wouldn’t either.” Xie Limo chuckled lightly. He was glad that his mother shared a good relationship with his wife.

“Okay, that’s good. I’ll stop disturbing the two of you then.”

After a while, Yun Bixue walked out from the shower with her hair wrapped up and saw Xie Limo smiling exquisitely at his cell phone.

She walked towards him while drying her hair with the towel before asking, “What are you looking at that made you so happy?”

Xie Limo waved Yun Bixue over. When she came close enough, he pulled her into his embrace, and the two of them looked at his cell phone together. “This is a photo of the queen’s crown that Mother bought today. And this is the dragon’s crown. The dragon and phoenix come as a pair. Do you like it? We will be using them on our wedding.”

Yun Bixue lightly touched the image on the cell phone with her trembling fingers. “It’s too beautiful. This… Is this really for our wedding?”

“Of course. Her main concern was if you liked it.”

Yun Bixue nodded her head. “It’s beautiful. Of course I like it.” It was rare to see a set of dragon and phoenix crowns that were crafted this exquisitely. With just a single glance, one could tell its antiquity, and that its worth alone was immeasurable.

“It has a history of at least a few thousand years, right?”

Xie Limo replied, “It has a history of more than ten thousand years.”

Yun Bixue was stunned. “That long?” She was worried now. If she were to wear that crown on their wedding, would a thief sneak in and attend their wedding just to steal the two treasures?

As if reading Yun Bixue’s thoughts, Xie Limo assured her. “The security on that day would be top-notch. Anyone who will enter or leave will have to have their identity checked. As long as I’m here, this will always belong to you.”