Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 668

Chapter 668 Her Thoughts

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Hearing Xie Limo’s answer, Yun Bixue placed the cell phone down before turning around to look at him. “Mr. Xie, you can read my mind? How did you know what I was thinking about?”

Xie Limo picked up the towel and dried Yun Bixue’s hair for her, smiling without uttering a word.

“Mr. Xie, why are you just smiling?”

“My wife, your thoughts are written all over your face, so how can I not know what you’re thinking?”

Yun Bixue widened her eyes, confusion flashing momentarily in them. She frowned slightly and asked, “Are my expressions that readable?” As she said this, she rubbed her face and was about to stand up to look at her face in the mirror.

“Okay, okay. It’s not that obvious. Seeing how conflicted you looked, how could I not understand you?”

Yun Bixue was about to turn around to say something, but Xie Limo held her in place. “Don’t move around. What are we going to do if I accidentally tangled your hair?

“Mr. Xie, I think I need to act more seriously next time, so other people cannot decipher my feelings just by reading my face.”

Xie Limo sighed. “My dear, you don’t have to be so serious about it. I believe that no one else other than me can read your mind. Stop worrying about it, okay? You won’t be pretty if you keep frowning. You’re the most beautiful when you smile.”

Yun Bixue leaned back into Xie Limo’s embrace. The more she looked at the image of the twin crowns on the cell phone, the more she liked them. A feeling of familiarity rose in her heart, as though that crown belonged to her. She couldn’t wait to see it in person.

“Limo, I want to take a look at the actual crown.”

“On the day we get married, my parents will come and bring it with them.”

A gentle gaze shone in Yun Bixue’s eyes. “Hubby, I want to be pretty on that day.”

“Sure. I will prepare the best makeup team for you on that day.” He placed the towel down by the side. “Okay, your hair’s almost dry. I’ll get the hairdryer to blow it.”

When Xie Limo brought the hairdryer down from the second-floor bedroom, Yun Bixue had already fallen asleep on the sofa with the cell phone still in her hand.

Xie Limo shook his head. He understood that with all that happened today, she must have been so tired that she fell asleep the moment she got a chance to relax.

Seeing the sweet smile tugging at her mouth, Xie Limo decided not to rouse her from her sleep. He laid her down on the sofa and propped a pillow behind her head before tucking her in.

When he got the house rebuilt, he requested for the sofa to be made into this sofa bed. That was why despite it having the same appearance as the one before, the current one was a sofa that could act as a bed.

Yun Bixue slept peacefully. With him by her side, it felt safer than ever. This was the sense of security that no one else could provide her.

Xie Limo sat by Yun Bixue’s side. He knew that she received some shocking news today, so he didn’t want her to wake up without him by her side.

He took his laptop out and did his work while keeping Yun Bixue company. He turned around to look at his wife’s blissfully sleeping face from time to time. Seeing her like this lifted up his spirits and energized him.

During midnight, Yun Bixue woke up and looked at the place where she fell asleep and at Xie Limo. She rubbed her eyes and said in a groggy voice, “When did I fall asleep?”

Xie Limo turned around and caressed her head. “You were too tired, that’s why you fell asleep without realizing it.”

“What time is it?” As she asked, she stretched her neck to peek at the time on Xie Limo’s laptop. After realizing that it was two-thirty in the morning, she turned to him and asked, “Why are you still awake at this time?”

“I had some work to do. Since you’re awake now, let’s go and sleep together.” Naturally, he wouldn’t say that he stayed here to keep her company because she would then feel guilty about it.