Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 670

Chapter 670 A Slap On The Face

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“Xie Limo is too much. We are noble families with a century-old history. I’ve never experienced this kind of humiliation. People used to greet me respectfully and watch what they say around me, but now… I’m about to go crazy!” Master Ma stomped his feet furiously as he walked around and ranted.

He didn’t understand that his current situation stemmed from him wanting to kill Xie Limo. Right from the start, he stood on the wrong side, that was why people treated him differently now.

Of course, they wouldn’t know. This was just the beginning. They still had to suffer more.

Making it look like Xie Limo was protecting his wife, he would use their pride and weaknesses against them.

Master Fang was furious beyond measure. This business meeting was a slap on the face. Those small families, who he used to look down on, couldn’t compare to them at all. Why were they not included in the guest list?

Master Fang immediately got in touch with the other three noble families and gathered them for a meeting.

When the five families were gathered, they were rowdy as they complained.

“He excluded us on purpose. All I regret is not killing Xie Limo that time.”

“I think he knows about it. Since he’s not making other moves, I bet he has other tricks up his sleeve. This could be the start of his revenge.”

“How annoying. He’s nothing but trouble. Do you guys have any solutions?”

“At most, we can just destroy those who would be taking part. Let’s see if they can still organize a business meeting after that.”

“That’s impossible. From the looks of it, Xie Limo planned this right from the start, so he definitely has his guard up. If we mobilized our men of sacrifice, he would know.”

“Do we have to hire an international assassination team?”

“Even international mercenaries won’t dare to make a move against Xie Limo. Did you see what happened to the One-eyed Viper and the Demon? That was too horrifying.”

As they discussed their predicament, the five families started regretting going against such a frightening and powerful person. When they survived by luck in the past, they wanted to get Young Master Xie off his position. Since they didn’t manage to accomplish it, their influence as noble families weakened, so they resorted to killing him…

Step by step, they became enemies of Xie Limo. There was no chance of reconciliation now. They could only walk on this plank bridge where they could fall anytime.

“Master Fang, you have to think of something. The century-old businesses of our families cannot just end here!”

“Half of it is already gone. The things we tried to ship to the South are now in the bottom of the sea!”

Once that last sentence was heard by everyone, the five families grew silent in fear. They now feared Xie Limo from the bottom of their hearts.

As time passed, the five families remained in deafening silence. They couldn’t suggest a single solution. It was like a guillotine waiting above their heads.

“Here’s what I think we need to do. Since you guys have backing in Tian Jing City, you can try contacting them, get into their good graces, and think of ways to make them act against Xie Limo. The only chance we have at killing him would be through the men of sacrifice of the noble families from the capital.”

“Is that the only way?”

“If we don’t do that, there would be nowhere we can stand in Ning An City.”

“But the Su, Meng, and Qin families were invited at the business meeting.”

“I think that could be Xie Limo’s attempt to get the new families to replace us.”

“In his dreams! That’s impossible. We’ve been here for a century, so why do we have to listen to whatever Xie Limo says?”

“Don’t forget that Xie Limo is the heir of the Xie family. His family is far more powerful than what we can ever imagine…”

While the five families continued to discuss methods to get themselves out of this sticky situation, Yun Bixue, who was at the Snow Cloud Group at the moment, was watching the news broadcast about the business meeting.

She saw that a lot of people were happy and excited because, for the citizens of Ning An City, this was good news.

The upcoming business meeting was a sign that there would be changes to the economy of the city. If the market turned for the better, their lives would improve as well.