Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 671

Chapter 671 Whats Happening In The Qin Family

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A sense of pride welled up in Yun Bixue’s heart. As she watched this news report, she could understand the daily living conditions in Ning An City through everybody’s smiles. This was the first time she felt proud of her husband after seeing the changes he brought about with his leadership.

Meanwhile, in the Qin Family, Aunt Qin was looking at the guest list for the business meeting. After reading through it, she was rather startled and couldn’t snap out of her shock. Her eyes scanned over it again and again to make sure that she hadn’t seen wrongly.

She pondered as she sat in her office. Since her family had already been invited, why hadn’t she received the invitation? She heard that her invitation card to this business meeting was really made of gold.

Without the invitation card, she couldn’t enter the venue even if she was indeed invited.

After hesitating for a long time, Aunt Qin called someone on her phone. “Elder Lin, come up.”

Elder Lin was a pioneer stakeholder of the Qin family. He had a sharp eye and had extensive connections. After receiving Aunt Qin’s call, he felt that it was odd too. Usually, they had almost no interaction at work.

He stood up and took the elevator to the top floor. After entering Aunt Qin’s office, he hurriedly closed the door and lunged forward to hug her. His hands began to roam her body.

Aunt Qin leaned against Elder Lin’s body and teased, “So annoying!”

“Aunt Qin, I couldn’t help myself. You’re just too beautiful.”

“I’m already forty years old. What beautiful?”

“In my eyes, you’re just twenty.”

After hearing these sweet nothings, Aunt Qin pushed Elder Lin away and fixed her clothes. “Let’s discuss official work matters. I called you here to talk about Ning An City’s business meeting.”

Elder Lin noticed that Aunt Qin had suddenly turned serious, so he straightened his body and said, “I’ve heard about it. It’s a wonderful thing that the Qin family was invited. It shows that our status still remains and we’ll progress even further.”

Aunt Qin pondered and answered, “That’s true, but I haven’t received any invitation yet. I can’t just walk in there without an invitation card or else I will be ridiculed.”

Elder Lin hadn’t expected this too. It would be equivalent to not being invited if they didn’t receive an invitation card. “I heard that some small and medium-ranked families had already received their invitation cards. Why hasn’t the Qin family received theirs?”

Suddenly, a realization popped up in Elder Lin’s head. “That young man in your family must have done something.”

“Are you saying that he took the invitation card?” Aunt Qin thought about it and realized that that was plausible. “Do you think he wants to attend the meeting? He’s just like his pair of legs. Missing all the time!”

Elder Lin scoffed. “Aunt Qin, don’t be fooled by him. Don’t forget what a genius he used to be when he still had his pair of legs. If he were to learn about what happened in the past, it’s highly likely that he’ll take revenge.”

Aunt Qin promptly shook her head. “That’s impossible. All traces had already been destroyed, and it’s not easy for the Yuan family to do anything. He was just a teenager back then, so what would he know? It’s good enough that he survived.”

“That’s true, but what if it happens? What if he found out and wants to use this opportunity to represent the Qin family at the business meeting? He will take over your position, and those other elders will side with him. Aunt Qin, if you want to secure your current status, you definitely shouldn’t underestimate him.”

Aunt Qin frowned, but she nodded after a moment. “Alright, I’ll consider what you said. I know what to do. Right now, he isn’t at the Qin family’s villa. I heard that he went to Zi Bei City, so I’ve already sent my men to monitor him. There shouldn’t be any problems. I’ll request for him to come back today and ask him about this.”

“It’s better to use a subtle approach when you ask him. Don’t ask him right away if you don’t want to disrupt the peace between the two of you. You still have to maintain a positive relationship on the surface.”

“I know. You can go now. Oh, by the way, take these documents with you. We don’t want anyone to get suspicious and discover our relationship.”

Elder Lin kissed Aunt Qin on the cheek. “Don’t worry. Who would ever find out about us?”