Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 675

Chapter 675 The Lingering Impact

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Because of that incident, Su Lenghan’s daughter became famous too. The news about the illegitimate child was so widespread, so it was no wonder that the reporter’s public apology was viewed by a lot of people. Everyone now knew that the adorable girl was actually Su Lenghan’s daughter.

As a result, Su Lenghan grew famous as well, and the Su family appeared all over the headlines again.

More people started to pay attention to the child, Yangyang, and the Internet dug out Meng Xinyan’s past actions again. Naturally, the news of Meng Xinyan trying to kill her daughter surfaced as well.

Now, everyone knew that Yangyang only had a father, but not a mother. They all took pity on her and were sympathetic to her plight.

Everyone began to express their concern for Yangyang on their social media accounts, and Su Lenghan’s fatherly image was well-received by the masses. Their impression of the Su family began to improve.

All these consequences had been totally unexpected. Even when Su Lenghan’s parents went outside, they were warmly greeted. As they bought groceries, the store owners even gave them more vegetables. They said, “Take these and feed Yangyang more nutritious food.”

Father and Mother Su could only accept everyone’s well wishes, but they were actually sighing deep down. They simply felt sorry for their son. Su Lenghan was not changing his mind about his relationship, and as his parents, nothing they said would help change his mind.

The hatred within them ran deep. If they could rewind time, they would expend all means to force their son to stay together with Yun Bixue. They believed that their son would be happy that way.

Because the news about Chen Pei and Meng Xinyan had been splashed all over the Internet, the two of them were yelled at as they walked along the streets. Chen Pei vented her frustration on Meng Xinyan.

Meng Xinyan began to direct her vengeance towards Yun Bixue. She loathed her immensely and even dreamed about killing her at night.

Also, she noticed that Su Lenghan had used one of Yun Bixue’s gifts on their daughter. She wondered why her daughter had to use things that were given by someone else. The more she thought about this, the more vengeful she felt.

She recalled about Shen Jingcui and remembered that she had gone mad because she tried to seduce Young Master Xie. Ultimately, she ended up in a psychiatric hospital.

A sinister glint flashed across Meng Xinyan’s eyes, as though a thought suddenly popped into her mind. She rushed to the psychiatric hospital in a flurry and tried to find Shen Jingcui. She didn’t believe that Shen Jingcui had really gone mad.

Seeing that her daughter was leaving, Chen Pei grabbed her.”Where are you going? Give me some money first.”

Meng Xinyan couldn’t even take care of herself, so how could she bother about Chen Pei? She pushed her mother away instantly and yelled, “Mom, I don’t have money now. I’ve already sold my designer bags. You should go earn your own money if you want to support your young, pretty boy. Don’t forget who caused your life to end up in this state. It’s Yun Bixue, not me!”

Meng Xinyan felt completely numb towards Chen Pei now. If this woman hadn’t seduced that man and gave birth to a son who was completely unrelated to the Meng family, her life wouldn’t be in this state.

Chen Pei was flung onto the ground while shouting in anger. When a child passed by her, he began throwing pebbles and leaves at her. He called her ‘crazy witch’ and then ran away, chuckling loudly.

Chen Pei yelled at Yun Bixue and spewed all kinds of rude remarks. After a while, she finally stood up and stumbled away.

After a few days, the news regarding the media companies began to die down. Everyone once again turned their attention to the business meeting. After all, this was a highly important matter, and the Internet had been continuously showing the latest updates.

The Luxury Emperor was also rushing to set up its hall with Manager Sun darting around. He had failed his duties last time by allowing Zheng Xiaoshu to attempt to seduce Young Master Xie, so this time, he must do a good job. He definitely cannot do anything wrong again.

“Be careful and pay attention to the details. Don’t destroy anything. The carpet must be clean and spotless. It mustn’t be crooked…”