Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 676

Chapter 676 Pampering Her Tenderly

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Manager Sun was so busy that he didn’t even have time to rest. He was gravely afraid that something would go wrong. As he inspected every single thing, his forehead was always dripping with sweat.

“Be more careful and pay attention to the details. Don’t hang that painting in that crooked manner…”

“Young Madam likes that antique. Watch your hands and wear your gloves…”

“Install a new light there. Do a proper job and don’t smash it. Pay attention to safety…”

Manager Sun was completely occupied supervising everything, and he didn’t dare to take a break too. This was his chance to show off in front of Young Master Xie. If he were to do something wrong this time around, he would lose his job as a manager. Not only that, but he would also be unable to return to the Xie family.

Yun Bixue was looking through the documents for the business meeting. She would be making a speech as Young Madam of the Xie family. The script had been prepared by Young Master Xie, and she just had to stand on stage and be photographed nicely.

When Xie Limo came out from the kitchen, he saw Yun Bixue looking through the speech by the window. He said resignedly, “Stop looking at it. Even if you were to say something wrong, the reporters will fix your mistakes and make it perfect.”

Yun Bixue nodded. “That’s because all the media companies in Ning An City are under your control now, and they don’t dare to offend you. But there will be hundreds of people listening to it live, so I have to do a good job, of course.”

“Those attendees wouldn’t even dare to criticize you at all.”

Yun Bixue took in a deep breath and replied, “As your wife, I have to show the perfect side of me. I have to look presentable for you.”

Xie Limo chuckled resignedly and removed his apron. After putting it down, he took out a pair of chopsticks and placed it on the table. “Okay, but don’t just keep working. Have your lunch first.”

Yun Bixue let out a sigh and set the script aside. She walked over to the dining table and smelled the aroma of the dishes. “Wow, with you at home this afternoon, I get to enjoy a delicious meal!”

Hearing her compliment, Xie Limo reproached himself and said, “Should I buy a house near the main political building? If we live there, I can go home in the afternoon to cook for you.”

Yun Bixu almost bit her tongue off in shock. “Hubby, I’m not that spoiled. Besides, if I go to work at the Snow Cloud Group, I’ll be near your building too.”

“Snow Cloud Group belongs to you. You can get off work any time you want.”

Yun Bixue shook her head. “No, everyone is trying to find fault with me now. They’re all suspecting that Snow Cloud Group belongs to me. I have to follow the rules closely now.”

After pausing for a while, Yun Bixue hurriedly continued, “Hubby, never say that you’ll send me lunch. I’ll get killed by the murderous look in everyone’s eyes. We have to stay low-profile.”

“You don’t eat properly at your office anyway. The meals you buy from outside can never compare to what I can cook at home.”

“I sometimes pack meals from home too, don’t I?”

After eating, Yun Bixue continued reviewing her speech. After memorizing it completely, she requested for Xie Limo to act as her audience. She stood in front of him and began to recite.

After finishing, Yun Bixue looked at Xie Limo expectantly. “How was it? I did a good job, right? I have a great memory. I just looked at it for a short while, but I remember every single word.”

Xie Limo looked at the script and realized that Yun Bixue didn’t miss a single word indeed. He gently chuckled. “Wonderful. My wife is the best.”

The two of them laughed and chatted. After a while, Xie Jiu entered and led a group of people carrying boxes of items.

Yun Bixue looked at Xie Jiu and elbowed Xie Limo. “Where’s Xie Liu? Why is there a new group of servants?” It seemed like she hadn’t seen Xie Liu, Xie Qi, and Xie Ba for several days now, and this new person was constantly slogging away.

Xie Limo explained, “Xie Liu and the rest have returned to the headquarters. This is Xie Jiu. He isn’t any less capable than Xie Liu.”