Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 679

Chapter 679 Regarding The Invitation

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Xie Limo took the gowns and hung them in the closet. He then took some accessories from the boxes and placed them on the dressing table. Finally, he climbed onto the bed and hugged Yun Bixue to sleep.

The Qin Family.

The reason why Aunt Qin requested to meet Qin Huailing urgently was because of the invitation to the business meeting. However, no matter how persistent she was, Qin Huailing didn’t show up at all. He even refused to answer her calls.

Qin Huailing was simply out of Aunt Qin’s reach. She didn’t even have a chance to speak to him, let alone discuss the business meeting.

The person who held the invitation would be the one to represent the Qin family at the meeting. She was almost sure that the invitation card was with Qin Huailing. After so much trouble, she had finally obtained her current status, so there was no way she would let Qin Huailing take her place.

Aunt Qin used all her effort to locate Qin Huailing. However, it was like searching for a needle in a haystack this time around. She didn’t hear anything from him at all.

For the next few days, she thought that Qin Huailing had died or disappeared. However, her instincts told her that Qin Huailing was hiding somewhere in Ning An City.

Livid, she ripped up the contract on the table. After feeling days of anxiety, her head was brimming with anger. Looking at her herself in the mirror, Aunt Qin’s heart almost exploded from the fury she felt. She went to work every day with a mask to hide how different she looked.

Just as she was about to blow up from the frustration that simmered inside her, Qin Huailing suddenly showed up at her home on his own accord.

That day, Aunt Qin was returning home from work. When she flicked on the lights, she saw Qin Huailing sitting in the living room. The sinister look in his eyes made them look as though they were laced with poison, ready to kill her at any time. It frightened Aunt Qin to the core.

Her face paled, but she calmed down the next instant. Staring at Qin Huailing, she said, “Huailing, why didn’t you tell me that you’re coming over? I’ve been looking for you for a long time. I was so worried that something bad happened to you. I feel better now that I’ve seen you.”

Qin Huailing watched Aunt Qin like a hawk, and a playful yet beautiful curve appeared on his lips. He lowered his head as a dark look flashed in his eyes.

Aunt Qin thought that Qin Huailing was behaving oddly today. Her heart began to accelerate. Could he have already found out? The look in his eyes was uncanny.

Qin Huailing dispelled the vengeance and fury he felt. Raising his head, he said, “Aunt Qin, I’ve been feeling unwell, that’s why I hadn’t been coming back.”

He merely offered a vague explanation and didn’t care whether she believed him or not. At that moment, a silent war had begun in the Qin family.

Aunt Qin knew that Qin Huailing’s explanation was not completely true, but she didn’t mind. As long as he had returned, she could continue to wield control over the household.

Aunt Qin hung her bag on the rack and sat on the sofa. She poured a cup of tea and offered it to Qin Huailing. “Have a drink first. Your face is turning pale again. Have you eaten? If you haven’t, I’ll prepare something for you.”

Qin Huailing chuckled coldly. He watched Aunt Qin’s pretentious and forced expressions—it was precisely this kind of face she always used to look loving and caring. He used to trust her when he was a child, but never did again when he grew up.

“Don’t trouble yourself, Aunt Qin. I just came to visit.”

He stopped Aunt Qin from continuing to speak, causing her face to turn rigid. She slapped her thigh and laughed. “How thoughtless of me. Oh, right, do you know about the upcoming business meeting? Our family has been invited too. What a surprise.”

She had indeed brought up this topic, and Qin Huailing chose not to beat around the bush too. He fished out the invitation from his bag and said, “Aunt, this is the invitation that I received. Here, take a look.”

Aunt Qin’s eyes lit up as she leaned forward to take the invitation card. This was it! She hadn’t expected Qin Huailing to deliver it to her personally.

It seemed like she had been overthinking. This child probably didn’t know anything at all. As long as he remained under her clutches, she could do anything she wants.

Aunt Qin smiled and put the invitation down on the table. She then said in a pleased voice, “By the way, Huailing, you’re no longer a child. It’s time to build your own family and career, don’t you think? I’ve found several great young ladies for you. Would you be willing to meet them?”