Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 685

Chapter 685 Must Be Nice To Me

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Hearing Huang Yize’s low voice, Yun Bilu pouted and replied, “Of course. You didn’t even talk to me.”

Huang Yize shook his head, and a bright glint flashed in his eyes. He laughed and said, “You’re bearing a grudge against me!”

Yun Bilu pretended to snarl and said, “Of course. I always bear grudges. So, in the future, you must treat me well. If you don’t, I’ll always remember it. Hmph! I won’t care about you in the future anymore.”

Huang Yize placed his pen in the fold of his book. He looked at Yun Bilu, his brows twitching. “Has your temper turned bad? You’re so daring now.” Despite his words, a gentle curve appeared on the corners of his lips.

Yun Bilu listened to Huang Yize’s words and giggled. “Hey, the lecturer is looking at you. Pay attention now.” As she spoke, she sprawled across the table again to sleep, but her mind was actually focused on Elder Sister Bai.

After giving it some thought, she sat up straight and asked, “Huang Yize, do you know any men as outstanding as Elder Sister Bai?”

Huang Yize raised his brows and turned his attention from the blackboard to her. “Why? Are you thinking of introducing them to Elder Sister Bai?”

Yun Bilu nodded. “Yes, I think that the best way to get over one’s past relationship is to start a new one.”

“Who told you such an absurd theory?”

“I came up with that conclusion myself. Take a look at my elder sister. She used to be so miserable and sad, but now that she has my brother-in-law pampering her, she can get over everything. Also, Elder Sister looks so happy now, that’s why I also want to introduce some good men to Elder Sister Bai too.” Yun Bilu’s eyes lit up while saying this. She really thought that her idea would work.

She looked at Huang Yize’s unmoved expression and poked his arm. “What do you think? Why aren’t you answering me? Tell me, do you know any great guys?”

Huang Yize stared hard at Yun Bilu’s face. He knew that she truly had an impatient personality and always jumped to conclusions. “I do, but don’t be so rash. This idea might not work. Most importantly, Bai Yaoyao has yet to agree to meet them.”

Yun Bilu sighed. “Elder Sister Yaoyao is simply too loyal. Otherwise, this wouldn’t happen to her.”

After the lecturer dismissed the class, Yun Bilu stood up excitedly and packed her bag. Pulling Huang Yize, she rushed out of the classroom.

Huang Yize frowned and looked at Yun Bilu as he said, “Don’t be so anxious. I asked you to organize all those documents back then, but it didn’t even improve your patience at all.”

Yun Bilu stopped in her tracks. Turning back, she looked at Huang Yize and said in a shocked voice, “No wonder you asked me to work with so many documents. It’s actually for my patience, huh? Ahh! You did it on purpose!” As she spoke, she stepped forward to hit Huang Yize.

Huang Yize simply turned his body sideways and walked away. Yun Bilu chased him, and the entire journey was full of smiles and laughter.

The students who stepped out of the classroom watched the two of them in envy. Young Master Huang, their male idol, was incomparably elegant and exquisite. He looked too high and mighty, so they could only admire him from afar.

However, today, they realized that Young Master Huang had such a jovial side to him too. Everyone said that if someone showed you his true self, then that person was sincere towards you.

After fooling around for a while, Yun Bilu was tired. She rested her hand on her right hip and panted. “I give up. I’m not chasing you anymore. Huang Yize… You… Take me to Elder Sister Yaoyao!”

Huang Yize turned around and walked over to Yun Bilu. After fixing her messy hair, he simply stood there and waited for her to catch her breath. He then said, “Your stamina is horrible. You have to train and build up your endurance.”