Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 687

Chapter 687 Outstanding Men

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After the spiciness dissipated, Yun Bilu finally said to Bai Yaoyao, “Erm… Elder Sister Yaoyao, I wanted to tell you that we’ve found a few great guys for you. Do you want to meet them and go on blind dates?”

Hearing those words, Bai Yaoyao almost bit down on her chopsticks and broke her teeth. Her heart shuddered, and she turned quiet immediately. Her face appeared sad.

“Elder Sister Yaoyao, don’t be sad. I was just suggesting.”

Bai Yaoyao lowered her head, and her expression changed. When she raised her head, there was a smile on her face. “I know you mean well. I’ll meet them then.”

Hearing that Bai Yaoyao had agreed, Yun Bilu heaved a sigh of relief and happily replied, “Yay! Elder Sister Yaoyao, you’re so very nice. You have no idea. I told them that you’re a celestial beauty, and now they can’t wait to meet you.”

Bai Yaoyao snickered and laughed. “Look at you. I’m not as wonderful as you described me.”

“To me, Elder Sister Yaoyao is the prettiest.”

After eating, Huang Yize went to wash the dishes while Yun Bilu showed Bai Yaoyao the photos on her phone. “Elder Sister Yaoyao, look. This is a professor who returned from overseas. He’s well-read, and his family members are all educated. He’s polite and treats everyone warmly…”

“This man belongs to the third generation of his family of officials. He’s morally upright, and his family background is great. He’s also 1.82 meters tall and has the body of a model…”

“Now, this man comes from a military family. Look at how cool he looks. He’s an army officer…”

Yun Bilu’s praises for these men seemed endless as she flipped through those photos. She was practically salivating while she spoke.

While Huang Yize was washing the dishes in the kitchen, he could hear Yun Bilu’s voice. His eyes turned dark, and his exquisite face emanated an icy aura. He could seemingly freeze up the entire kitchen.

After saying those words, Yun Bilu seemed to want to continue. Biting on her finger, she said, “Elder Sister Yaoyao, I think that all of these men are outstanding!”

Bai Yaoyao snickered and joked, “If you really think so, you can give it a try too.”

Yun Bilu took a peek at the kitchen and thought that Huang Yize wouldn’t be able to hear her. She hesitated and finally said, “Is that really okay? Well, I think it’d be nice if I could be by your side while you go on the blind dates.” Actually, she was interested because they were pleasing to the eyes. She was just curious. To her, Huang Yize was still the best.

Bai Yaoyao pursed her lips and said, “Sure, if you think that’s fine.”

Just as Yun Bilu was about to say something, she felt the iciness in the air. When she turned around, she saw Huang Yize standing at the side. His expression was frigid, and the look in his eyes was dark. He looked as though he desperately wanted to swallow her up.

Yun Bilu immediately sat up straight, as though nothing had happened. She coughed and said, “Elder Sister Yaoyao, I have self-control. I already have a boyfriend, and he is Huang Yize. I am loyal and dedicated, so I would never look at any other men. Yes, I only see one person in my eyes. If you think that these men are great, you can meet them one by one.”

Seeing how prim and proper Yun Bilu was behaving, Bai Yaoyao smiled secretly. She didn’t know that Yun Bilu had this side to her too. It was really surprising.

Huang Yize said in a cold voice, “Yun Bilu, I said that you have to go for a run this evening!”

Yun Bilu promptly stood up from the sofa. Raising both her hands, she looked as though she had admitted defeat. “I’m so tired now. Huang Yize, my idol, please let me rest. Look, Elder Sister Yaoyao will laugh at me. You have to show me some face.”

Bai Yaoyao hurriedly left the two of them. Turning back, she smiled at Yun Bilu and said, “I didn’t see nor hear anything.”