Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 689

Chapter 689 Lonely Heart

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Being thoughtful, Yun Bilu could naturally tell that Bai Yaoyao was currently unhappy. That was why she tried her best to cheer her up.

In reality, Bai Yaoyao felt happy being together with Yun Bilu. However, she couldn’t stop her heart from aching. After so many years of being in a relationship, she really couldn’t let it go so simply. After putting in so much effort and persevering for so long, it was really hard for her to give up…

Moreover, she was lonely deep down. Feeling a sense of isolation, she wondered if she would continue to be alone. She also didn’t know if she would be able to meet someone who could understand and indulge in her.

She was really tired, and her heart had grown weary. She wanted to have her own family and a place where she could stay peacefully so that she didn’t have to wander around while feeling lonely.

However, she couldn’t talk about her feelings because she didn’t want Bilu to worry. That was why she tried her best to smile. She didn’t want the people who loved her to worry too much about her.

After playing with Yun Bilu, the two of them went to the bedroom to sleep.

While Bai Yaoyao was washing up, she looked at herself in the mirror. She caressed her face, wondering if she had grown old. That face in the mirror felt foreign to her, as though she didn’t even know that person at all. That face was pale and lifeless.

She recalled her life during her youth. She was around nineteen years old back then, and it felt as though her youth was limitless. Her complexion wasn’t as bad as it was now.

She had indeed grown older and frailer. Could she still be considered beautiful?

Bai Yaoyao shook her head. Lowering her head, she didn’t want to look at the mirror nor think about it anymore.

Meanwhile, Yun Bilu was fiddling with her phone on the bed. Seeing that Bai Yaoyao hadn’t left the bathroom in a long time, she felt rather worried. She called out, “Elder Sister Yaoyao, I want to use the bathroom. When are you coming out?”

“In a moment!” After speaking, Bai Yaoyao willed her thoughts to stop running wild. She hurriedly finished up washing and stepped out of the bathroom.

Seeing that Bai Yaoyao had come out, Yun Bilu finally felt at ease. She went to the bathroom to wash her hands. When she returned to lie on the bed, she pulled Bai Yaoyao’s hand as they read Ning An City’s news together.

“Elder Sister Yaoyao, my classes will be ending soon, and we will return to Ning An City then.”

Hearing that she would be able to return to Ning An City soon, Bai Yaoyao was overjoyed. “Okay, we’ll go back to Ning An City together.” Now, she really didn’t want to stay in Country E any longer. If she were to leave, she would never return again.

Yun Bilu rested her head on Bai Yaoyao’s shoulder. “Elder Sister Yaoyao, I’ve been busy attending classes, that’s why I haven’t been reading Ning An City’s news lately. Let’s read them together.” In fact, she was trying to distract Bai Yaoyao to prevent her from overthinking.

When she turned on her laptop and searched for Ning An City’s news, the headlines were all about the business meeting. Below the article was the list of families invited.

Yun Bilu looked through them and was taken aback. “Elder Sister Yaoyao, don’t you think that something is amiss?”

Bai Yaoyao looked at it and pondered too. “Bilu, I think that something big is going to happen in Ning An City. Have you heard the rumors regarding the Xie family?”

“The Xie family? Do you mean the family that Brother-in-law belongs to? That Xie family?”

Bai Yaoyao nodded her head solemnly. “Yes, that’s right. The Xie family is a noble family that has a thousand years of history. No one knows where their headquarters is, and I only heard about it later. The Northern Xie and Southern Wang… They govern the entire Country A separately, and they are even more powerful than an emperor.”

She didn’t fully comprehend it in the past. It was only after Xirong Ziye had casually mentioned it in the White House that she had paid attention to it. Afterwards, she found out that Yun Bixue’s husband was Young Master Xie, and that was when she recalled these rumors.

Yun Bilu listened to those words and looked at Bai Yaoyao’s serious expression. The playful look in her eyes disappeared, and her heart shuddered. “Elder Sister Yaoyao, does that mean that the person my elder sister married is Young Master Xie? The household she joined is the Xie family?”