Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 690

Chapter 690 The Xie Family Is Very Powerful

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Yun Bilu could feel her heart accelerating as she spoke. If that was true, she felt worried for her elder sister. “Elder Sister Yaoyao, is the Xie family really that powerful? Is it possible that Brother-in-law belongs to another Xie family? It could just be a coincidence.” Despite her words, Yun Bilu was merely trying to comfort herself.

Bai Yaoyao held Yun Bilu’s hand and answered, “There’s no way I could be wrong. Everyone with the surname ‘Xie’ belongs to the Xie family. However, each family has its main support and branch supports. Your brother-in-law is named Xie Limo, right? He had taken control over Ning An City so suddenly, so he definitely must be from the family’s main support. Hasn’t Yun Bixue mentioned this before?”

Yun Bilu shook her head. “I only thought that Brother-in-law was very powerful. His family members are really nice too. They treat Elder Sister very well. That’s why I didn’t probe too much about other matters. After all, Elder Sister’s happiness is the most important thing.”

Bai Yaoyao’s heart was thumping so quickly as she listened to Yun Bilu. She sighed and said, “That’s right. The most important thing is that he treats Yun Bixue well.” After experiencing so much, she finally understood that falling in love and forming a family was different for a woman. She still ought to find someone who genuinely loved her in order to have a stable relationship.

Bixue had suffered so many hardships and deserved to find someone who treated her sincerely. Otherwise, life wouldn’t be fair for her.

Yun Bilu felt conflicted and said, “Although Brother-in-law and his family treat Elder Sister very well, I’m worried that she wouldn’t be able to survive in such a huge household. Elder Sister is softhearted, and she’s always too kind.”

Bai Yaoyao tried to cheer herself up too. “Don’t worry. After going through so much, Bixue will definitely become stronger. As long as Xie Limo treats and protects Bixue well, that would be enough.”

Yun Bilu nodded. “Yes, Elder Sister Yaoyao. We have to be more open-minded with these things. Oh, look! Some noble families haven’t been invited to the business meeting.”

Bai Yaoyao thought about it for a while and replied, “I guess that means that those who are not invited are not qualified to participate.”

“Why wouldn’t they be qualified? Could a reshuffle possibly happen?” As that thought popped into Yun Bilu’s mind, she was so surprised that she almost fell off the bed. This was the first thing that came to mind. Although she was usually loud and careless, she and her elder sister had relied on each other since they were children. Since she grew up in the Yun family, she had grown extremely sensitive to the political scene involving the noble families. That was why she could form her own opinions.

Bai Yaoyao agreed too. “Since we are able to come to that conclusion, I think that the other noble families in Ning An City would be able to as well. The news had been rolling in ceaselessly all year round. I guess that the mastermind had been slowly making his moves right at the start. No doubt that he will wipe out everyone later.”

Yun Bilu agreed with Bai Yaoyao’s theory. “Elder Sister Yaoyao, why do you think that Brother-in-law is doing all these?”

After staying by Xirong Ziye’s side, Bai Yaoyao understood a little about politics too. She explained, “In the past, Ning An City was ruled by leaders elected by the internal officials. The noble families had a say regarding it, which implies that Ning An City was ruled by them. However, things have changed after Young Master Xie arrived. As a real leader, he relayed instructions and expected his subordinates to complete them. Unfortunately, some officials and citizens refused to listen to his orders. Therefore, he wanted to turn things around, and the conservative noble families were reluctant to do so. It could have led to a huge internal conflict and escalated even beyond that. Both parties are fighting with each other… In the end, the winning side will be able to lead Ning An City.”

Yun Bilu replied confidently, “I think that Brother-in-law will definitely win.”

Bai Yaoyao laughed. “Seeing how defensive you are of him, he must treat Bixue really well. I’ll be able to meet him when I return to attend the wedding. I merely saw photos in the news back then, but both of them look really compatible with each other. Most importantly, I think his very presence had already served as a form of revenge for Bixue to Su Lenghan. Whenever I remember how he had treated Bixue in the past, I feel so mad!”