Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 691

Chapter 691 Rarely In A Mess

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Yun Bilu nodded. “Me too. I was furious, but looking at Su Lenghan’s situation now, he’s really pitiable. Pitiful people often have hateful sides as well. Anyway, nothing matters now that my elder sister is happy.”

Remembering things from the past, Bai Yaoyao lamented, “That’s true. Meeting the right person at the right time… Bixue managed that.”

“Elder Sister Yaoyao, I’m worried for my elder sister. What if something happens during the reshuffling in Ning An City?”

“Sometimes, I feel like you’re just like an elder sibling. Our Bilu has really grown. Such a mature lady. Whose family will this beautiful flower end up in?” When Bai Yaoyao said this, she tapped her head as she pretended to ponder.

Bilu replied in a rush, “It will end up in Huang Yize’s family. I’ve decided to stick with him.”

“If he treats you well all the time, Bixue and I will definitely support you. But if he ever bullies you, that would be out of the question.”

Yun Bilu fidgeted shyly and said, “Actually, he does treat me well. It’s me… I’m the one who bullies him.” Yun Bilu knew deep inside that she could be willful, but Huang Yize never spoke of it and had always listened to her.

“But you said earlier that he bullied you by making you jog.”

Yun Bilu raised her head and shook it profusely. “Elder Sister Yaoyao, I was just acting silly. My daily life is rarely in a mess. He’s just looking out for me by making me jog. I realized how poor my stamina is, so I wish to become stronger too. But sometimes, I’m just too playful and lack the determination for it.”

“You’re actually aware of your weakness. That’s good to hear then. With that boisterous personality of yours, what you lacked the most is patience, which you have to train to improve. When two people are in a relationship, they have to learn to be considerate to one another. Not everyone knows about your good points. Just because you like someone does not mean that the person will like you back, do you understand?” This advice was what Bai Yaoyao learned from her own experience.

A person who loved you, despite knowing about your good and bad sides, would genuinely cherish you. However, if he was a person who did not know how to cherish, no matter how hard you tried to be good to him, he would only take it for granted and not return any of your sentiments.

Yun Bilu considered Bai Yaoyao’s words and looked at the solemn expression on the latter’s face. “Elder Sister Yaoyao, somehow, I feel like you’ve become more serious. You’re different from how you were before.”

Bai Yaoyao’s face turned blank as she leaned against the bedrest. “When people experience sorrow and pain, aside from growing up, they change.”

“Elder Sister Yaoyao, I still prefer the old you. I feel like you were the happiest then. The present you always seem sad, like you’re riddled with many problems.”

“Bilu, people will always change, but I will try my best to turn back into the Elder Sister Yaoyao that you like.” Bai Yaoyao playfully twisted Yun Bilu’s ears as she said this.

Yun Bilu leaned on Bai Yaoyao’s shoulder in a cute manner. “I’m so happy to hear that. I will help Elder Sister Yaoyao turn back into her former self as well.”

After a moment, Yun Bilu laughed. “Elder Sister Yaoyao, I feel that if you were to go on a blind date now, they would definitely think you’re a mysterious and hard to predict person. Yes, you are their goddess. Oh, how exciting!”

“Look at this girl. Don’t make it sound like I’m going to a blind date with you.”

“I actually want to take a look, but Huang Yize will definitely not allow it. I can secretly help you look through the guys instead.”

Bai Yaoyao knew that this girl was playful. “If you want to, you can follow me, but it’s not up to me if your boyfriend doesn’t allow you to go, alright?”

Yun Bilu asserted boldly, “If he doesn’t let me go, it means that he’s petty.”

“If you said this in front of him tomorrow, what do you think he will do? Do you want me to tell him?”

“Oh no, Elder Sister Yaoyao, you can’t tell him about this…”

Bai Yaoyao laughed. “Okay, I won’t say anything. You’ve really grown stronger, huh?”