Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 693

Chapter 693 The Reciprocating Kiss

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Yun Bilu had no idea about the turmoil roaring in Huang Yize’s heart. She anxiously tugged his arm and said, “Don’t say that. Why are you chasing me out? We still have things to discuss.”

When Yun Bilu’s small yet warm hands touched Huang Yize’s, its warmth seemed to seep straight into his heart, causing it to stir. He tilted his head and looked at those trusting eyes that seemed to rely on him. His gaze lowered even further, and he saw her pouting lips. She was evidently displeased at his cold attitude.

Huang Yize’s head started aching. He wanted to sigh and rub his forehead. This girl was too dense and pure. Did she know that every single action and emotion of hers was capable of drawing out his strongest reactions?

She was only twenty. He had to control himself.

Looking at the small hand clasping on his own, Huang Yize truly felt the heat coming from her. He wanted to fling her hand away, but he couldn’t bear to do so. He could only reply in a calm voice. “Be good now and listen to me. We can talk later.”

Yun Bilu grew anxious. “Elder Sister Yaoyao will be coming out later. What am I supposed to tell her? We’ve already agreed on it, so why are you going back on your words? Ah, I don’t care anymore. I’m so annoyed now. I’m not leaving. I won’t leave until you promise me.” Here she was, racking her brains for Elder Sister Yaoyao, and yet he wasn’t being understanding at all.

In a fit, Yun Bilu pushed Huang Yize away, but because of the force behind the push, she lost her balance and fell on to him instead. The force and momentum pushed him down on the bed, and her lips landed on Huang Yize’s chest.

When Yun Bilu recovered, her face flushed in a deep red. She jumped up, desperately wanting to put some distance between them, but she was stopped by Huang Yize, who immediately stood up and pulled her back.

When Huang Yize pulled her back forcefully, she fell on the bed. Trapped, a long and domineering kiss landed on her lips. The kiss was filled with his possessiveness, tearing at her defenses little by little.

Yun Bilu’s mind blanked out, but her heart continued to pound furiously, as though it was going to jump out from her ribcage anytime.

In her trance, Yun Bilu looped her arms around Huang Yize’s neck and started reciprocating his kiss. Learning from Huang Yize, her tongue stuck out slowly as she tested the waters.

Huang Yize was startled and couldn’t help but laugh inwardly. This girl learned everything quickly, including this. He wanted to let her go at first, but because she responded to his kiss, he really couldn’t bear to let her go.

Without knowing how much time had passed, Huang Yize finally pushed Yun Bilu away, and she licked her lips absentmindedly. Her eyes clouded with desire as they looked at Huang Yize. That pure and enchanting gaze of hers almost made Huang Yize lose control of himself again.

He averted his gaze and calmed his breathing. After a while, he spoke softly. “I will definitely keep my promise. The first person will come today to meet you and Elder Sister Yaoyao.”

Yun Bilu was extremely satisfied with Huang Yize’s answer. When she left the room, she mumbled, “So, it’s true that beauty does work.”

Huang Yize, who was sitting at the bed, naturally heard Yun Bilu’s words. He didn’t know if he should laugh or cry.

Ah, this girl. Should he say that she’s silly or silly?

Yun Bilu, who just left Huang Yize’s room, was holding her flushed face. Eventually, she was seen by Bai Yaoyao.

With her arms crossed at her chest, Bai Yaoyao stopped in front of Yun Bilu. “Oh, look what we have here. What a red face. You look just like an apple. How cute.”

Yun Bilu kicked her feet and avoided Bai Yaoyao’s gaze. “Elder Sister Yaoyao, you’re making fun of me.”

Bai Yaoyao tugged Yun Bilu’s hand down from her face and whispered in her ear, “Say, both of you were this close just now, am I right?”