Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 695

Chapter 695 Using Huang Yizes Card

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Huang Yize raised his wrist and showed Yun Bilu the time on his watch. “If you drag on any longer, you wouldn’t make it in time. Don’t you want to dress Elder Sister Yaoyao up?”

Yun Bilu smacked her forehead. “You’re right. I always get carried away and failed to notice the time once I start bargaining. Let’s buy it quickly and leave then.”

As she said this, she turned around to take out her own card, but at that very moment, the saleslady had already walked over. Huang Yize keyed in his passcode and signed in a dignified manner.

When Yun Bilu snapped out of her shock, the dress was already paid for.

Huang Yize walked towards the exit only to notice Yun Bilu, who was still rooted to the floor while holding her own card. He asked, “Aren’t we leaving?”

“No, Huang Yize, this is not right. I wanted to buy that dress. Why did you pay for it instead?” Really, she didn’t want to spend his money.

With a hand in his pocket, Huang Yize walked away with elegance. “Yours, mine, isn’t it the same?” He really didn’t care much about this.

Yun Bilu chased after him. “Hey, it’s still not right. I can’t just spend your money. I have money too.”

Huang Yize paused in his steps and turned around, gazing deeply at Yun Bilu. “Yun Bilu, are you sure you should be discussing this with me? The payment has already been made, but you have yet to collect the dress.”

Yun Bilu thought about it and was about to turn around to get the dress, but before doing so, she stopped him and said, “I will pay you back. This is something I bought for Elder Sister Yaoyao, so I will spend my own money. Even though you’re my boyfriend, I don’t want you to pay for me.”

Yun Bilu was too stubborn, so Huang Yize didn’t bother to reply. At most, he could just reject the money when that time comes.

The saleslady passed the shopping bags, which contained the dress and shoes to her. “Miss, here are your purchases.”

Yun Bilu revealed a radiant smile as she took the things from the saleslady. “Thanks a lot.”

Huang Yize suddenly stepped in and conveniently took the shopping bags from her. “Let’s go back now. It’s already past nine o’clock.”

Yun Bilu didn’t bother arguing with Huang Yize, so she quickly followed him to the car and returned to the villa.

After the two of them left, the salesladies turned around and looked at them enviously. “He’s really handsome. I’ve never seen such a man. He’s so alluring and cool… Ah! I can’t even find words to describe him.”

“Just drop it. Your vocabulary wouldn’t be enough to describe him. Oh, it’s such a pity. He’s a great man, but he already has a girlfriend.”

“By the way, did you see the credit card he used? I’ve never seen it before, but I could tell that it wasn’t a simple card.”

“I’m sooo jealous. Look at how cold he is and yet he’s so warm and attentive to his girlfriend.”

The moment they returned to the villa, Yun Bilu immediately helped Bai Yaoyao dress up and prepare herself.

Bai Yaoyao actually didn’t like makeup, and she preferred to dress plainly. However, no matter what she said this time, Yun Bilu refused to budge and allow her to go to the matchmaking session in her plain clothes.

“Elder Sister Yaoyao, you have to listen to me this time. If you don’t, I will feel upset.” As she spoke, she placed her hand on her chest and showed a hurt expression.

Bai Yaoyao chuckled. Since she was already going for it, she agreed to dress up even if it was just to make Bilu happy.

She sat quietly before the dressing table while Yun Bilu got busy. This was something Bilu learned a while ago through a class. At that time, she decided to learn how to apply makeup so she could use it during her elder sister’s wedding. Who knew that she would be using what she had learned to dress up Elder Sister Yaoyao this time?

While Yun Bilu worked on her, she thought, “I must make Elder Sister Yaoyao the most beautiful and charming lady today.”