Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 696

Chapter 696 Matchmaking

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After more than half an hour, Yun Bilu finally heaved a sigh of relief. “Okay, I’m done. Elder Sister Yaoyao, go ahead and take a look at yourself in the mirror.”

Bai Yaoyao lifted her dress up and moved to the mirror. She couldn’t believe her eyes. This woman in the mirror was really her? Her beauty melded with elegance to exude an incredible charm, and her mysterious aura also added to her appeal. She couldn’t believe how enchanting she was.

Yun Bilu peeked out from behind and looked at Bai Yaoyao. “Elder Sister Yaoyao, pretty right? I learn quickly. This is my first time applying makeup and dressing someone up.”

Bai Yaoyao nodded. “Yes, you’re really talented. I look really beautiful.”

“Elder Sister Yaoyao, you have to start over anew from now. I wish you all the best! You have to wear pretty dresses all the time, alright? Women have to live for themselves.”

Looking at herself who seemed to have been reborn, Bai Yaoyao nodded and smiled. “Okay, I will listen to this young lady in the future.”

Yun Bilu chuckled. “Elder Sister Yaoyao, after we attend my elder sister’s wedding, I want to be your bridesmaid as well.”

Bai Yaoyao looked at Yun Bilu in the mirror and answered, “Sure.”

Later, Yun Bilu got Huang Yize to drive both of them to Gujing Restaurant.

Seeing how excited Yun Bilu was, Huang Yize was actually reluctant to take her there, but in order not to break her heart, he still had to drive them to the restaurant.

After seeing Bai Yaoyao enter the restaurant, Huang Yize promptly dragged Yun Bilu away.

However, Yun Bilu refused to leave. “Huang Yize, why are you not letting me see them? I have to judge his character for Elder Sister Yaoyao.”

“If you keep on watching them, Elder Sister Yaoyao won’t be able to calm down. She’ll be easily distracted.”

Yun Bilu found his reason hard to believe, so she looked into his eyes and asked, “Really?”

Huang Yize nodded his head. “Have I ever lied to you?”

“No, you haven’t.” Yun Bilu looked back a few more times before following Huang Yize reluctantly.

Seeing that Yun Bilu was dragged away by Huang Yize, Bai Yaoyao, who was sitting by the window, couldn’t help but bite her lip to prevent from laughing out loud.

The two of them were really like destined lovers—a match made in heaven. Looking at their departing figures, her heart seemed to become lighter as well.

When a tall man walked in and saw the beautiful Bai Yaoyao sitting primly near the window, his eyes shone as he strode over. “Hello. Are you Miss Bai Yaoyao? I am Luo Xiuwen.”

Bai Yaoyao stood up elegantly and looked at the man in front of her. With his eyeglasses, he looked like a refined intellectual. She shook hands with him and replied, “Hello.”

“I’m sorry for being late.”

Bai Yaoyao shook her head. “No worries. I just arrived too.”

Luo Xiuwen was enchanted by this beautiful woman in front of him. However, an aura of coldness surrounded her, preventing others from approaching her. Her eyes held too many stories and experiences, which people couldn’t help but sympathize with.

He was a professor, so he could tell based on details. It was something he learned from his job.

Perhaps because Luo Xiuwen was a professor that conversations flowed naturally between the two of them, just like old friends. They discussed about things abroad, and Bai Yaoyao had a sudden urge to travel the world.

When Bai Yaoyao returned home later, Yun Bilu, who was waiting anxiously for her, asked, “How did it go?”

Bai Yaoyao spoke honestly, “He’s good as a friend, and I think it’s a little difficult for us to progress into romance.” Those romantic feelings wouldn’t arise from her heart that easily.

After a while, Yun Bilu left Bai Yaoyao to rest in the bedroom and went to the first floor to find Huang Yize. The moment she saw him, she said right away, “I think we should arrange for another person tonight? How about that guy with a military family background? This professor was too refined, so he can’t dominate over Elder Sister Yaoyao. I think a more manly man will be able to capture her heart.”