Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 698

Chapter 698 The Best Looking One Is Still Bilu

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When Yun Bilu stepped inside the bedroom, she could see Bai Yaoyao scribbling something down.

At that very moment, the spring breeze blew in from the window, and the sun’s rays shone in as it brightened the whole room. The rays fell onto Bai Yaoyao, illuminating her.

Yun Bilu had to blink a few times to clear her vision. It suddenly felt like the house was exceptionally quiet, as though no one should disturb its peace.

She walked carefully towards Bai Yaoyao.

When she reached the table, she said softly, “Elder Sister Yaoyao.”

Hearing Yun Bilu’s voice, Bai Yaoyao recovered from her trance and stopped writing. She turned her head and looked at Yun Bilu. At that moment, another breeze blew past them, causing a few strands of Bai Yaoyao’s hair to flutter mesmerizingly.

Yun Bilu sighed. “Elder Sister Yaoyao, you look so pretty.”

Bai Yaoyao smiled lightly before patting Yun Bilu’s elbow. “Young lady, you’ve learned how to say things to make people happy. My Bilu is the prettiest.”

Yun Bilu shook her head and spoke seriously, “Elder Sister Yaoyao, I’m serious. You really look stunning. Even I was mesmerized by you just now, what more if it were a man? They would surely fall for you. What’s so good about that Xiamu Qingyan? That Xirong Ziye must be blind. If I were in his shoes, I would definitely choose you…”

After speaking, Yun Bilu saw the despondent expression on Bai Yaoyao’s face and covered her mouth. Oh no, she said something wrong again. Huang Yize reminded her many times not to mention him in front of her, but look at her. Why couldn’t she just control her mouth?

Yun Bilu tugged Bai Yaoyao’s elbow and shook it affectionately. “Elder Sister Yaoyao, I said some things I shouldn’t have. Please hit me!”

Bai Yaoyao pulled Yun Bilu over and sat her down on the stool beside her. “You don’t have to be so nervous. Even if you don’t talk about it, I will think about him from time to time. That’s something that cannot be helped.”

“Elder Sister Yaoyao, are you really not upset or angry?”

Bai Yaoyao shook her head and smiled. “What’s there to be sad about? What’s in the past will stay in the past. Aren’t you going to introduce me to a good man? I plan to start over anew. Look, this is a new diary. I will write down all my feelings here. In the future, when I read this diary, maybe these experiences would feel like wisps from the past.”

Yun Bilu clasped Bai Yaoyao’s hand tightly. “Elder Sister Yaoyao, it’s good that you have that kind of mindset.”

Bai Yaoyao patted the back of Yun Bilu’s hand. “Thanks for worrying, but you mustn’t tell Bixue, okay? I don’t want her to worry.”

Yun Bilu nodded her head several times. “Don’t worry. I swear I won’t tell.”

Bai Yaoyao let out a snort. “Were you looking for me to tell me something?”

“Elder Sister Yaoyao, how did you know that I have something to tell you?”

“Didn’t your Huang Yize mention it? In front of your close friends and family, your face is like an open book!”

Yun Bilu touched her face and looked at her reflection in the mirror. “If that’s the case, why can’t I tell anything from my reflection?”

After looking in the mirror for a while, Yun Bilu turned to Bai Yaoyao and said, “Elder Sister Yaoyao, I want to introduce you to a military man tonight. He has a military family background, so he’s a cool and charismatic man. If it’s a manly guy, I’m sure he would be able to dominate you.”

Bai Yaoyao laughed. “You know what that means as well?”

“It means that he can move your heart and make you want to rely on him. Someone who can provide you with a sense of security.”

Hearing that statement, Bai Yaoyao’s heart trembled. She was tired and truly wished for a family—a place where she could seek refuge away from the storms.

“Okay. As long as you think he’s good, you can go ahead and make arrangements for it.”

Yun Bilu pouted. “But Elder Sister Yaoyao, he’s a military man. A military marriage is something you cannot just walk away from. You have to think carefully about it!”