Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 700

Chapter 700 Learned How To Act Coquettishly

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When Yun Bilu arrived on the first floor, she hopped happily beside Huang Yize. “Guess what? Guess what? What do you think Elder Sister Yaoyao said to me?”

Without turning around, Huang Yize continued typing on his laptop. “She said she wanted to meet him. I can tell by the tone of your voice.”

“Please arrange for it then! It’s already three in the afternoon. They can meet at five o’clock later. After their dinner, they can stroll around and watch a movie. How wonderful and romantic is that, huh?” Yun Bilu held her cheeks as she gushed.

“That’s how you imagine it to be, but it might not be what Elder Sister Yaoyao wishes to do. She might not want to watch a movie.”

Yun Bilu disagreed. “Well, when two people are dating, they will watch movies together frequently. My roommate, Chu Xin, watches a lot of movies with her boyfriend. That time when we went to see a movie, she even told me—” At this point, Yun Bilu cut herself off, realizing that she was about to expose herself.

Huang Yize’s brows rose, and he turned his chair around. “What did she say?”

Yun Bilu promptly shook her head. “Nothing much.”

A gentle glint flashed in Huang Yize’s eyes. Locking his gaze into Yun Bilu’s, he asked, “Are you really not going to say it?”

Seeing Huang Yize like this made Yun Bilu’s heart tremble. A sly glint flashed across her eyes as she lowered her head. She had to learn how to deflect such attacks by acting coquettishly and willful. First, she would cry, then she would make a fuss. Lastly, she would need to cast her line.

She went closer to Huang Yize and kneeled down, leaning her head on his arm. “She really didn’t say anything. She just mentioned that it was romantic for two people to watch a movie together.”

Huang Yize pulled Yun Bilu up and made her sit on his leg. He tilted her chin up and said, “Yun Bilu, when you tell lies, you never look into my eyes.”

Yun Bilu was trapped between Huang Yize’s thighs and his arms, so she couldn’t move at all. His deep and melancholic voice that came beside her ear echoed throughout her body, intoxicating her.

With a hand on her waist, she sat up straighter and looked at Huang Yize straight in his eyes. “Who said that I don’t dare to look at you in the eye?”

Her beautiful stare sparked the flame within his heart at once, and passion ran straight to his head. Without any warning, he cupped her head and captured her mouth in a deep and searing kiss.

Yun Bilu was taken aback by his kiss. She had no time to prepare, and she had no idea what to do, so she simply froze there.

Huang Yize sighed inwardly before he whispered, “Close your eyes.”

Yun Bilu finally closed her eyes and experienced the love he was giving her.

After that kiss, Yun Bilu was panting while leaning against Huang Yize’s chest. “I had to think of ways to kiss you in the past. At least now, I wouldn’t have to make the first move.”

“What are you talking about?”

Yun Bilu coughed. “Nothing.”

Huang Yize chuckled lightly as he peeled Yun Bilu off him. “What was in your head that time?”

Yun Bilu shook her head and laughed. “I was thinking about how to get closer to you. I wanted to kiss you and conquer you!”

Huang Yize stared hard at Yun Bilu as he felt his head throb. “Yun Bilu, you really said it. Are these things a girl should say?”

Yun Bilu pouted. “But I’m saying these things in front of you. It’s not like I’m saying it in front of others.”

Huang Yize badly wanted to pry open her head to see what was inside. He didn’t know if he should laugh or cry. “And you think that’s reasonable?”

“Of course. My head is filled with logic. Whatever you want to hear, I can say them all.”