Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 703

Chapter 703 The Army Dream Of A Girl

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Looking at Bai Yaoyao’s submissive form, which was not unlike that of his subordinates at the army, his expression shifted slightly. “Miss Bai, you don’t have to be so formal. Please sit.”

Bai Yaoyao tried her best to compose herself and return to her elegant mien, but somehow, she had a sudden urge to flee. If she were to be with someone like this, she would die of nervousness.

Looking at the man in front of her, Bai Yaoyao tried to smile, but no matter what, she couldn’t bring herself to do it. The edges of her mouth were stiff, and she could only force out, “Not sure if Duan… Duan.” She was so overwhelmed by his aura that she had forgotten what he just said.

Meanwhile, Duan Yanhao was simply amused by Bai Yaoyao’s face, which was flushed red from nervousness. He repeated, “Duan Yanhao.”

Bai Yaoyao’s expression stiffened, calming herself at the same time. She flipped open the menu and said, “Mr. Duan, if you have anything you want to eat. Feel free to order them. It’s my treat.”

Duan Yanhao did not pick up the menu and replied plainly, “You can order what you want. I’ll pay for it.”

“Mr. Duan, how can I let you do that? I’ll pay for it.”

Duan Yanhao’s brows furrowed, showing a stiff and strict expression. Seeing his face, Bai Yaoyao’s heart thumped. As expected of a soldier, his aura was intimidating.

He immediately waved the waiter over and took his card out. “Bring one of each of your signature dishes. The passcode for the card is 82…”

The waiter took the card respectfully and walked out of the private room with a happy face.

Bai Yaoyao sat frozen as she stared at Duan Yanhao, not knowing what to say to what he just did. Throughout this exchange, his expression remained the same as though nothing had happened.

Her inner mind was in a mess. She had never met a person who would tell their passcode to another person. He even said it out loud to the waiter. What if they used it for something other than its intended purpose?

Ah, ah, ah! And why did he say the passcode in front of her?

Somehow, in front of Duan Yanhao, a man clad in a military uniform, Bai Yaoyao’s heart seemed to be free of all her previous desolation. It was as though her spirit had been refreshed and free of all the old and negative energy.

Furthermore, this green army attire that was in front of her reminded her of the dream she used to have. In that dream, a girl was clad in green army uniform, marching zealously under the flag…

This dream had been suppressed for a long time, and it was all thanks to her admiration for Xirong Ziye. At this very moment, this green uniform rekindled her dreams, and the sorrow and desolation faded from her eyes as hope filled in the gaps.

She finally knew why she held no biases against this man—it was because of what he was wearing. Based on the badges he had on his uniform, his rank should be a major. He must be really strong and talented.

No wonder she was so formal with him. It was because of her dream when she was a young girl, which was to stand before her army superior, receiving orders for her training.

Thinking about that, a chuckle slipped loose from Bai Yaoyao’s lips.

Something shifted in Duan Yanhao gaze. At that moment, the cold woman from before had vanished. It was as though she stripped off all nobility and pretense to become just a simple girl. Her laugh was so bright, carefree, and innocent.

It was difficult to treat Bai Yaoyao as a mature woman when she did that. She was more like a teenager from those innocent and pure times.

“What made you so happy?”

Bai Yaoyao replied straightforwardly, “Can I join the army and be under your command?”