Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 705

Chapter 705 A Great Person Has His Owner

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Yun Bilu was extremely displeased with Huang Yize’s answer. “Huang Yize, are you my boyfriend or what? You don’t dote on me at all.”

“Yun Bilu, in your dictionary, does doting equate to me bringing you to meet another man?”

“No, that’s not it. You know, you weren’t like this in the past. You didn’t use to restrict me this much, but now you’ve changed.”

Huang Yize continued to write. In the past, he didn’t bother much on the surface, but he would care about it in the dark. He held the power of the student union, so he could decide on all the rules.

Yun Bilu pouted in displeasure as she packed her bag and left the room.

Realizing that Yun Bilu seemed like she was really angry, Huang Yize sighed inwardly in resignation. He rubbed at the furrow between his brows before he packed up too and followed after her.

The students who were at the last row looked at them enviously. “Look at how Yun Bilu is acting so haughtily, and yet Young Master Huang still treats her well.”

“I know, right? She left in a huff just like that, and Young Master Huang had to chase after her. And here I thought I would be able to see more of Young Master Huang by coming to this self-study classroom.”

“Even the way he packed his bag is so elegant and graceful. How cool. It’s a pity that he already has a girlfriend.”

“Precisely. Young Master Huang only has eyes for Yun Bilu. If it were me, I would cherish the chance and always be with him. I will never leave first!”

“Shh! Don’t let Young Master Huang hear this. He’s protective of Yun Bilu and won’t allow you to say anything bad about her.”

A lot of girls in the self-study classroom were actually there to see Young Master Huang. Seeing that he was gone, many of them packed up and left as well, leaving behind only half a class.

Outside the classroom, Huang Yize caught up with Yun Bilu and grabbed her arm. He asked softly, “You’re really angry?”

Yun Bilu lowered her head, and a sly glint flashed in her eyes. Of course she wasn’t really angry, but she just didn’t want to answer Huang Yize right now.

Seeing that Yun Bilu was ignoring him, he could only rub at the furrow between his brows. He sighed, then explained, “You’re too rash. I really can’t control you. You know that they’re meeting in a private room, so if you really know what’s good for Elder Sister Yaoyao, you need to give them their space. Whatever you want to see in the army, I can take you there and show you around. Will that make you happy?”

Yun Bilu’s eyes shone immediately as she raised her head to look at Huang Yize. “That’s a promise?”

“Of course. Now you can even bargain with me.”

Yun Bilu perked up instantly. Now that she was happy, she hooked her arm around Huang Yize’s and said, “It’s already eight in the evening, so Elder Sister Yaoyao should be home now. I think he sent her home since that’s what a gentleman would do.”

Huang Yize’s expression shifted as he thought inwardly, “Is Duan Yanhao the kind of person who would take good care of women?” He had never seen it before.

Yun Bilu continued with her guesses while Huang Yize drove home. However, the moment they arrived and stepped inside the living room, they saw Bai Yaoyao sitting on the sofa, holding a small mirror in one hand while rubbing the bruise on her forehead with the other.

Yun Bilu’s eyes widened in shock as she gasped. “Elder Sister Yaoyao, what happened? Ah? What happened to your face and arm? Who hit you? Who bullied you?” Yun Bilu’s fury couldn’t be contained—she was already gearing up for a fight.

Looking at how furious Yun Bilu was, Bai Yaoyao quickly shook her head. “I’m okay. Calm down, alright?”