Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 707

Chapter 707 The Pain She Feels While Dreaming At Night

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After hearing Yun Bilu’s last sentence, Bai Yaoyao pointed at Huang Yize, who was radiating a cold aura. “Bilu, I can’t help you this time around.”

Yun Bilu turned around. Noticing Huang Yize’s expression, she immediately chuckled dryly. “I was just joking, alright? I still have classes to attend.”

Huang Yize merely smiled and said, “If you really think that way, I can bring you there during your winter break. You can take it as a form of training too if you’re not afraid to suffer.”

Yun Bilu hurriedly shook her head. “Please don’t do it. Huang Yize, you’re my boyfriend, right? You should be more thoughtful and concerned about me. I can’t suffer like that.”

“Don’t you want to become stronger to protect your elder sister? Why are you reluctant to even suffer this bit of pain?”

Yun Bilu heard those words and felt conflicted. “I’m not afraid to suffer. As long as you stay by my side during my winter break, I’ll go for training. I’ll train myself and become an outstanding fighter too.”

Huang Yize caressed her soft hair and said, “I think you’re the most disobedient fighter.”

Yun Bilu answered firmly, “Huang Yize, trust me. I’ll become the best fighter. I won’t embarrass you.”

Yun Bilu thought that Huang Yize didn’t believe her and wanted to continue, but he turned around and said, “I believe you. You’ll become the most outstanding fighter after your training this coming winter break. However, there might still be changes to our plans. Let’s discuss this again when winter break arrives.”


Seeing how harmonious Yun Bilu and Huang Yize were together, Bai Yaoyao smiled too. She looked forward to her future and hoped that everything will be well for her.

During this period, Yun Bilu and Huang Yize continued to attend classes at school. As for Bai Yaoyao, she wasn’t always cooped up at home anymore. She found something else to pass her timeto pester that soldier all day long.

Seeing the cold expression on his face, she no longer held herself back and felt nervous