Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 708

Chapter 708 Regret

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With Su Lengxians return, the Su family became much livelier. Father and Mother Su had previously felt disappointed because of Meng Xinyan, but with another daughters return, they felt rather guilty. After all, it had been their fault at the start.

Su Lengxian had said that she would never ever return. However, now that she had experienced a great deal living alone, she found out that acting wasnt as easy as she had imagined. Even though she had her elder brother backing her up, she needed to work hard too. She had really toughened up herself.

"Elder Brother, youre attending the business meeting for the Su familys sake. Dont worry, Ill take care of Yangyang with Father and Mother."

Su Lenghan looked at Su Lengxian in relief. "Youve really matured. The Su family doesnt have any outsiders now, so just move back. Your parents will still be your parents in the future."

Su Lengxian laughed awkwardly. "Elder Brother, I was immature back then."

"You were too young. I dont blame you."

Su Lengxian looked at the strands of white hair on her elder brothers head as he plucked at them one by one before the mirror.

Watching her brother do this, she almost cried. Her eyes grew damp, and she began regretting her actions. "Elder Brother, its all my fault, its all my fault I was jealous that you were together with Yun Bixue, so I ganged up with Meng Xinyan to split the two of you up. Elder Brother, if it werent for you, you wouldnt end up in this state as well. I was really foolish, Elder Brother!" Su Lengxian felt really remorseful now. Seeing her elder brother in this state, she couldnt help but beat herself up.

In the past, she simply didnt want to see her elder brother together with any other woman and had tried to come in between them. She didnt feel comfortable looking at them back then. Now that she didnt see anyone by her elder brothers side, she realized how tired he looked, and she felt even more sad and remorseful.

Su Lenghan looked at how his younger sister cried and smiled while comforting her. "Why are you crying? Im living a decent life now. If it werent for you, I wouldnt even have listene