Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 709

Chapter 709 The Greatest Hero

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Aunt Qin didnt care about what expression Qin Huailing showed or what he was thinking. She received the invitation card personally from him, that was why she didnt doubt him at all now.

Aunt Qin, who thought that she had everything under her control, had no clue that she would become a huge laughing stock during the business meeting.

And that was precisely what Qin Huailing wanted. He didnt burst Aunt Qins bubble. On the contrary, the corners of his mouth showed a condescending curve as he watched her proud expression.

The business meeting was soon approaching. Xie Limo went to fetch Yun Bixue after work one day and drove her to Luxury Emperor to check the venue together.

Leaning against the window, Yun Bixue yawned continuously. She had been rather busy recently and truly felt worn out.

Seeing how tired she looked, Xie Limo felt sorry for her. With a hand on the steering wheel, he caressed her head using the other hand. "Why are you tired? Didnt you sleep well yesterday?"

Yun Bixue yawned nonstop and nodded. "Its all your fault. You tortured me for so long last night."

Xie Limo smiled warmly. "Are you blaming me for wearing you out?"

Yun Bixue nodded. "Yes, you made me so tired." Actually, she couldnt help but feel impressed. No matter how hard she trained, her stamina still couldnt be compared to Xie Limo.

Xie Limo looked at Yun Bixues sleepy eyes and thought that she simply looked like a lazy kitten. He couldnt help but feel the urge to pamper her. "If youre tired, lets go home first. It wont be too late even if we go tomorrow."

Yun Bixue widened her eyes and pushed Xie Limos hand away. "No, drive properly now. Since were already here, lets just check the place out. If we do it tomorrow, things will get delayed by another day. Lets see if there are issues today so Manager Sun can settle them tomorrow."

Xie Limo replied in a gentle and elegant voice, "Okay, Ill listen to you."

After pondering, Yun Bixue was suddenly invigorated. She turned to Xie Limo and said, "When I spoke with Manager Sun previously, he treated me so respectfully. Is he afraid of you? Ive never seen him behave that way before."

"Didnt you ask him?"

Yun Bixue hesitated and replied, "I did, but he didnt answer, thats why I felt that something was amiss. Its like he had done something wrong. He kept wiping away the sweat on his forehead."

Xie Limo could imagine how Manager Sun looked, chuckling uncontrollably at what he had pictured in his mind. Indeed, Manager Sun really couldnt handle Bixue. After all, the daughter of the Zheng family had openly tried to seduce him, and that was something that Yun Bixue couldnt stand at all.

However, Xie Limo would never talk about such things. After all, there was nothing worth mentioning about it. He would never be tempted even if he saw other women. He only had one heart, and he had already dedicated it fully to someone else. He wont ever give it to anybody else.

As for those women who had intentionally tried to get closer to him, he would never treat them gently. That was why the daughters of the Shen and Zheng families had both gone mad and gotten admitted to the hospital.

After arriving at Luxury Emperor, Xie Limo parked the car and opened the door to the passengers seat to let Yun Bixue alight. At that moment, there were already a lot of onlookers observing them, waiting to find out more about the business meeting. After all, this meeting was the first of its kind. The direction set by the meeting would determine how Country As finances would progress.

As they walked in, Yun Bixue stopped in her tracks. She turned to Xie Limo and said, "Back then, it was as if you had fallen from the sky and saved me during my most desperate times. You were just like my greatest hero." As she said this, she reached out her armthere were no longer any scars on it.

Xie Limo caressed Yun Bixues arm. "It felt just like yesterday. I remember that you were trembling from the pain back then. Your eyes revealed how stubborn you were, acting braver than you really were."