Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 712

Chapter 712 Miao Zifus Worry

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Because the hatred in her heart grew more and more intense, Shen Jingcui lost her mind shortly after. She picked up the pillows by her side and began throwing them around.

After a while, the patient beside her dashed over, and the two of them began tearing at each other’s face. In the end, a caretaker pulled them apart and administered a tranquilizer for them.

When Shen Jingcui woke up in the afternoon, a caretaker sat by her bed. She wore a white cap and a mask, and only her eyes could be seen.

That pair of eyes were exceptionally beautiful. They looked feminine and seductive. The woman said to Shen Jingcui, “You’re awake. Is your head clear now?”

Shen Jingcui became alert and asked, “Who are you?”

The woman smiled. “That’s not important. What’s important is that I can get you out. Don’t you want to get out?”

“How can I leave just because you said so? The security is very tight here, don’t you know? Also, I can lose my mind at any time, so I’ll still be sent back here.” As that thought popped into her head, Shen Jingcui felt incredibly resentful towards Xie Limo.

The unknown woman scoffed. “Don’t tell me that you don’t want to go out? You ought to know that if you lose this opportunity, you’ll have to stay here forever. I’m the only person who can save you. Take a look at yourself in the mirror. Can you simply let go of that hatred in your eyes?”

“Don’t provoke me. If I turn crazy, I’ll kill you.”

“You have to keep your cool. That’s not like the pretentious Shen Jingcui that I know.”

Shen Jingcui glared at the woman before her. “What do you know about me? This was all caused by Xie Limo. It’s all because of him!”

The woman shook her head. “The person you should hate is not him but Yun Bixue. If not for her, Young Master Xie might really fall for you, right? You are not ugly at all. It’s because Yun Bixue had occupied Xie Limo’s heart… It’s all because of Yun Bixue. What happened to your Shen family was all because of her too. If she hadn’t been around, you’d still be a rich young lady. You’ll still have your elder brother by your side to protect you. You could have everything that you wanted…”

The woman enticed Shen Jingcui endlessly.

She made Shen Jingcui’s head spin, and the latter began to direct her hatred towards Yun Bixue. That’s right. It was because of Yun Bixue! Otherwise, she wouldn’t have ended up in this state!

Seeing the hatred grew more intense in Shen Jingcui’s eyes, the corners of that woman’s lips curled up. She simply didn’t care about Shen Jingcui at all—she just bothered with her because she still served a purpose. Now, Shen Jingcui couldn’t be compared to her past. A person who had lost her mind was, indeed, easily manipulated.

Yun Bixue was lying in Xie Limo’s embrace while sleeping. In the middle of the night, her cell phone rang.

She opened her eyes groggily. “Who’s calling?” As she spoke, she tried to stand up to get her phone.

Xie Limo woke up and stood up as well. He pushed Yun Bixue down gently and said, “I’ll take a look. Go back to sleep.”

Xie Limo picked up Yun Bixue’s phone. Seeing that it was Miao Zifu, his expression grew rigid. With a hint of doubt in his voice, he asked, “It’s Miao Zifu. Do you want to answer now or return the call tomorrow?”

Yun Bixue stood up, feeling alert. She hurriedly took the phone and answered the call. “Hello?”

She heard Miao Zifu ask her nervously, “Bixue, are you okay?”

“I’m fine. What happened?”

“Bixue, I’ve been to Tian Jing City and Ning An City, and now, I’m back in Country M. Based on the tracks that I discovered, something is amiss. I think that she might have returned to Country A. You have to be careful and must get someone to protect you when you go out.”