Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 715

Chapter 715 It Was Shen Jingcui

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Xie Limo saw the determination in Yun Bixue’s gaze and finally released his grip on her hand. He sighed deep down. All these heart-stopping incidents had already made him more and more afraid, and his fears were growing.

Yun Bixue slowly walked towards the two attackers. Bending down, she saw that they were already coughing out blood and groaning in pain.

Meanwhile, the employees from the Snow Cloud Group came out of the building and surrounded them. Seeing the scene before them, they were incredibly shocked. However, after being glared at by the guards, they hurriedly ran away. They didn’t dare to be curious or stay a second longer.

Some passersby witnessed this scene and took a few steps forward. However, they instantly felt the intense iciness and murderous aura in the air. Their hearts shuddered, and their curiosity dwindled. In a short moment, they began to walk away.

After Xie Limo had completely eradicated the media companies in Ning An City, the reporters who had witnessed this scene didn’t even dare to report it. They could only pretend that they hadn’t seen anything.

Therefore, despite how huge of a ruckus the scene was causing, no one dared to come close. Snow Cloud Group’s CCTV team had also shut off their cameras at the building’s entrance.

Yun Bixue stomped on the attacker lying on the ground. When she grabbed and raised the attacker’s head, Yun Bixue’s expression changed immediately. “Shen Jingcui!”

After seeing who that person was, Yun Bixue was taken aback. Wasn’t Shen Jingcui in the asylum? Why had she escaped? From her knowledge, it was impossible for Shen Jingcui to escape from the asylum.

Hearing that name, a dark glint flashed in Xie Limo’s eyes. He slowly inched forward and arrived before Shen Jingcui. Seeing her face, he confirmed that it was indeed her, and a dark aura emanated from him.

Yun Bixue could sense the change coming from Xie Limo’s body. She raised her head and asked, “How should we handle this?” She knew that it was Xie Limo who had sent Shen Jingcui to the asylum.

Xie Limo felt that the security guards in the asylum hadn’t done a good job—they allowed Shen Jingcui to escape. He intended to remove some of those guards and replace them with new ones.

He didn’t allow such incidents to happen right under his eyes. Moreover, it had almost caused his wife to be hurt. Naturally, he couldn’t let it go at all.

Regarding Yun Bixue’s question, Xie Limo answered, “I’ll leave it to you. Do whatever you want.” Xie Limo meant that he had granted Yun Bixue a great deal of authority. Even if Yun Bixue killed Shen Jingcui, he would also settle the issue for her, so there wouldn’t be any problems.

Yun Bixue smiled radiantly at Shen Jingcui and asked, “Do you know the consequences of what you just did?” She flashed her perfect white teeth, and it was as pale as a sharp knife. Shen Jingcui was so horrified that she began to shudder.

Yun Bixue remembered that the newly set-up model at the Yun’s family’s villa hadn’t been activated yet. Now was a good time—Shen Jingcui would be the first to test it out.

Shen Jingcui opened her mouth and coughed out blood. She berated, “Yun Bixue, I hate myself for failing to kill you. It is because I didn’t kill you that my Shen family ended up in this state!”

Yun Bixue shook her finger in front of Shen Jingcui’s face. “Shen Jingcui, you’re wrong. Firstly, it wasn’t because of me that the Shen family ended up in this mess. It was because of your own family. The Jia family had exposed your family, and that has nothing to do with me at all. I am merely just an outlet for you to vent all your hatred on.” As she spoke, she reached out her hand and slapped Shen Jingcui harshly. She usually appeared kind, but if she didn’t show her prowess, others would treat her as though she was fragile and weak.

Yun Bixue finally realized that she needed to take action when it was necessary to do so. Otherwise, her enemies would take advantage of her. Also, she had to become stronger so that Xie Limo wouldn’t need to worry anymore.

Not only that, but the pain in Xie Limo’s eyes had also pierced through her heart earlier. She really didn’t want him to worry about her anymore.