Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 716

Chapter 716 Her Body. Did He See It?

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With that slap, Shen Jingcui immediately spewed out a mouthful of blood, and a tiny tooth flew out with it. She collapsed on the ground, her blood staining the pavement. It was apparent that Yun Bixue’s slap was really hard.

Shen Jingcui’s face swelled up instantly, and her body was throbbing in extreme pain. While coughing, she managed to say, “Yun Bixue, you are my nemesis… You are…” Shen Jingcui had already lost half her mind, and as she glared at Yun Bixue, her eyes glowed with a fierce vengeance.

Since her limbs were broken, she couldn’t move at all. She could only glare daggers at Yun Bixue.

Yun Bixue scoffed. “Shen Jingcui, if looks could kill, your gaze would be very effective now. Too bad that it doesn’t work on me. No matter how powerful your glare is, you’re still under my control. If I were to get my subordinates to dump you into the river now, no one would care about you at all. Also, I forgot to inform you that we’ll be conducting an experiment on you later. You’ll be the first to experience the torture room in the Yun family’s villa. Of course, my men will treat you warmly, so let’s see if you’re able to handle it. This is the price you have to pay for trying to kill me. The game has just begun.”

Seeing the glow in Yun Bixue’s gaze and hearing those words, Shen Jingcui felt a shiver down her spine. She began to tremble. At that moment, she felt fear right through her core. She truly believed that Yun Bixue was capable of what she had said.

After saying those words, Yun Bixue turned to Xie Limo. Seeing that intense murderous look in Xie Limo’s eyes, she giggled. “Shen Jingcui, did you see that? He’s mine now, and he wants to kill you. Do you think that he’ll be yours even if I die? Dream on.” She really hated people who wanted Xie Limo for themselves and tried to come in between them.

She knew that many people had a crush on Young Master Xie, but she didn’t mind them. After all, she couldn’t control what others felt. However, some people harbored wicked thoughts due to their feelings, and that was something that needed to be fixed right away.

“Yun Bixue, it’s all because of you! It’s all because of you… He’s mine… Mine…” Shen Jingcui began to blabber crazily again.

Seeing that Yun Bixue wasn’t affected at all, Shen Jingcui coughed out blood while saying, “Yun Bixue, you don’t know this yet, do you? My body… He’s already seen it…”

“Ahh!” Right after saying those words, Xie Limo gave her a resounding kick. She slammed against the door of the building and landed on the floor.

Xie Limo picked up the knife on the ground and lunged forward to attack Shen Jingcui.

Shen Jingcui yelled and passed out from her shock. Next, the knife slashed across her ear lobes, removing a portion of it. It was so painful that Shen Jingcui regained consciousness again.

Yun Bixue was so livid that she began to tremble. She dashed forward, not caring what Xie Limo had already done. She slapped Shen Jingcui’s face continuously, as though she was venting out the fury she felt in her heart.

Shortly after, Shen Jingcui’s face was all swollen. Her pretty face was nowhere to be found, but still, Yun Bixue continued slapping her.

As Xie Limo watched, he could feel that Yun Bixue wasn’t going to stop. He stepped forward and grabbed her arm. “Stop hitting.”

Yun Bixue turned back and looked at Xie Limo. “Does your heart ache seeing her like this?”

Xie Limo sighed. “What are you talking about? I just don’t want you to hurt your hand. I’m worried about your hand. Why would I be concerned about others? I’ll take care of your hands when we go home.”

Yun Bixue flipped over her hands and looked at her palms. Indeed, they were reddened, but she didn’t feel any pain at all. She even thought that it felt incredibly liberating. After a moment, however, she began to feel her palms turning numb.