Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 719

Chapter 719 Looking For Trouble?

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After hearing Xie Limo’s words, Yun Bixue’s anxious heart calmed down, and she hurriedly unbuckled her seatbelt. Xie Limo pulled her hand and said, “Don’t panic. Let me drive over there.”

Right at that moment, a few drivers came up from behind and knocked on Xie Limo’s window. They began berating, “Who are you to stop in the middle of the road? Are you doing this on purpose? Are you looking for trouble? Can you compensate for the delay you caused?” These people seemed as though they couldn’t distinguish the brand of the car. From its exterior, the car looked very ordinary. That was why they were brave enough to threaten Xie Limo.

Xie Limo’s expression froze, and an icy glint flashed across his eyes. He rolled the car window down and swept a cold glance at the group of people. “Are you guys looking for trouble, or are you here to cheat money out of me?”

“You’re really brazen! Do you have money? Haha! Do you think you can compensate me enough? What about the time that I lost? You’ve caused me so much delay…”

“That’s right. He’s pretty good-looking too. Tsk, tsk…”

“Ohh, look! There’s a pretty lady here too…”

“Young man, give us the girl, and we can talk things through, okay? Haha…”

“That’s right. You delayed us, and I almost twisted my foot when I stepped on the brakes. You have to compensate me somehow…”

Some of them were foreigners who had come to join in on the fun of Ning An City’s business meeting. They were also young masters from wealthy families, so they were used to having things their way. That was why they disregarded the law when they arrived in Ning An City. They had no idea that they had offended the powerful Young Master Xie. If they were to find out now, they would probably regret it very much and kowtow to him for forgiveness.

But now, they still hadn’t found out, and they were still rude and behaved in their usual way.

While Xie Limo listened to their words, the murderous look in his eyes began to intensify. A storm was brewing within them, and his body radiated a dark aura. After experiencing an assassination attempt earlier, it felt as though Xie Limo had come out of the darkness, ready to destroy everything.

Yun Bixue could clearly sense the changes in Xie Limo’s mood. Her expression turned solemn—she knew that things weren’t looking great. The business meeting was approaching soon, so she couldn’t allow anything to happen to Xie Limo at this moment. She was afraid that it would damage his reputation and credibility.

Despite feeling furious deep down, she tightly held Xie Limo’s hands that were placed on the steering wheel. She said, “Limo, calm down, calm down. Trust me, I can handle this.”

As soon as she said those words, she hurriedly got off the car. Walking to the front, she crossed her arms and glared coldly at them. “What? Do you want my husband to give me up?”

“Haha! My little beauty, if you come with us, you’ll get to enjoy all the fine things in life. We’re much better than this pretty face. Look, he’s afraid of us. He’s given you up to us obediently…”

Just as that person tried to approach Yun Bixue, she grabbed his finger and snapped it.

“Ahh! That hurts! Bitch, how dare you hurt me? Ahh!” He’s in so much pain that his face was scrunched up, his complexion pale. He had been used to getting everything he wanted all his life, not to mention that he had always been the one bullying others. It was unacceptable that a woman dared to snap his finger.

Yun Bixue sneered. “I’ll show you what I can do. Let’s see if you still dare to be so brazen?” After speaking, she kicked that person and continued stomping several more times. In the end, he knelt on the ground and groaned in pain.

Fortunately, with another scene unfolding on the bridge, there weren’t many people who were watching them. Nonetheless, the people on the sidewalk could see them clearly.

The citizens of Ning An City recognized Yun Bixue, so they hurriedly slowed their cars to watch. They exclaimed, “Is that Miss Yun? Wow, she’s so strong. I didn’t know that she can do martial arts!”