Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 720

Chapter 720 Ice Beauty Unleashes Fury

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The cars that were passing by all reduced their speeds to look at that scene. They exclaimed, “Wow, she got that man to the ground with just a few kicks! She’s a badass!”

“Impressive! I thought she was a gentle beauty, but now I think that she’s an ice princess. She’s so cool!”

“I can tell that those men are here to look for trouble. How dare they try to bully Young Master Xie’s wife, Ning An City’s first lady? She must show them what she can do.”

“Hey, don’t take any pictures. Have you forgotten how the media companies were all wiped out some time back? The last people you should offend are Young Master Xie and Miss Yun.”

“Huh. That’s weird. Young Master Xie is so protective of his wife, but why isn’t he stepping out? He’s just waiting in the car.”

“Shhh. Hurry up and drive now. Don’t just watch.”

“It’s fine. We’re in the middle of a traffic jam, so we can look longer. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen anything so exciting!”

While the onlookers were discussing this, Yun Bixue had just slammed that man to the ground. As for the other men, they didn’t give up. They glared fiercely at her and were about to attack her altogether.

Xie Limo’s heart began to accelerate, but Yun Bixue looked at him. After spending a long time together, they had chemistry, so he already understood that he shouldn’t step in this time around. Also, it was an excellent opportunity for Yun Bixue to train herself.

However, he couldn’t vent out the anger that he felt inside. After Yun Bixue settled this, he would come back and deal with these people properly.

No one had ever dared to say those things about his wife before. He would follow up regarding this matter and let them regret their actions. He’ll show them what he’s capable of.

Yun Bixue threw a cold look at the four men behind her. She leaped, kicked, and punched at them. Within a split second, her swift actions smacked them all to the ground. She even stepped forward to stomp on them a few more times, her high heels hurting them tremendously.

There were a total of five young men, but they were all taken down by Yun Bixue so easily. At the moment, they were groaning loudly in pain.

They hadn’t expected that this beautiful lady was actually a fierce and vicious woman. The five of them had no chance to retaliate at all and were simply beaten by a lady. What an embarrassment indeed.

They were in so much pain that they wanted to cry out loud. They had been pampered since they were young and had never experienced so much pain before. This was their first time going through such suffering, and they even felt that crying was painful.

Yun Bixue said condescendingly, “Let’s see if you’ll still dare to look down on women. Let’s see if you still dare to be rude and say those trashy words…” She was so livid that she kept stomping hard, her heels digging into the flesh of these men. She could hear the sounds of bones snapping.

Earlier on, anger had already welled up within her. These people had come at the right time, allowing her to unleash her pent-up rage.

In the end, Yun Bixue became exhausted, so she stopped stomping on them. She sucked in a deep breath and crossed her arms as she said, “Scram now. Do what you were doing. What are you staring at?” She was in a terrible mood today and was feeling extremely stuffy. That was why her words didn’t sound polite or gentle at all.

After hearing those words, everyone left hastily and no longer dared to watch any longer. Although no photos were taken, the rumors spread by mouth at a much quicker speed than through pictures or videos.

In the end, with more and more people spreading the rumor, the original words changed eventually, and it increasingly became exaggerated. It was said that Yun Bixue possessed terrific martial arts skills. She had initially defeated only five people, but the rumors claimed that she won over ten of them and was secretly highly skilled.

Yun Bixue would never have expected that her unplanned actions today would cause her to be famous in Ning An City. Everyone was discussing amongst themselves about how powerful Miss Yun was. They talked about how low-key she was and how she was someone that they should never provoke. Once offended, she would attack and inflict serious injuries.