Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 724

Chapter 724 Why Did You Cry?

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Yun Bixue really couldn’t help but feel apologetic just now. Seeing how Xie Limo had looked earlier, her heart was in anguish. However, she couldn’t say those words, so she could only run away to escape from him. She didn’t want Xie Limo to look so pathetic because of her.

He had always been noble and elegant, and this was the first time she had seen him drenched and cold.

When Xie Limo heard Yun Bixue’s choked up words, his heart turned tender. He forcefully pried her hands away from her face and noticed her reddened eyes. He only felt sorry and reached out his slender fingers to wipe her tears away gently. “What couldn’t you control? You couldn’t stop yourself from crying? You’re really becoming more and more like a child.”

Yun Bixue pursed her lips, then said, “If you think I’m crying like a child, it means that you just don’t want to look at me.”

Xie Limo held Yun Bixue’s hands and didn’t let her move. He continued to wipe her tears away. “Your tears are still flowing. You can’t be a mermaid who has transformed herself to save me, can you?”

Hearing Xie Limo’s words, Yun Bixue giggled. Nevertheless, after seeing Xie Limo’s soaked body, her heart ached again, and she began to reproach herself.

After pausing for a while, Xie Limo said, “You’re really so willful. When have I ever complained about you crying? Don’t you know that when you cry, my heart feels like it’s crying too? Don’t say those words out of spite in the future. If I’ve done something wrong, tell me and I’ll change, okay?”

Yun Bixue sniffed and calmed herself down. “It’s not that. You don’t understand. It’s not what you think it is.” As she spoke, her wail became even louder.

Xie Limo was really at a loss of what to do. She had clearly been feeling fine earlier, and he had even tried to put on her shoes for her. What had happened? Xie Limo really had no clue.

Sighing, Xie Limo caressed Yun Bixue’s head and lovingly kissed her forehead. He said, “I still thought that you’re a heroine. You really kicked those people’s asses, but now you’ve become a crybaby. Aren’t you afraid that I’ll mock you?”

Yun Bixue sniffed loudly. She didn’t cry and run away on purpose. It was because Xie Limo was too sweet towards her that it had moved her deeply. She was genuinely touched, and she couldn’t express her feelings in words. His thoughtfulness was too much for her to handle, and it was all because of her that he had been soaked to his core. Therefore, she couldn’t help but feel her heart ache and blame herself.

Yun Bixue shook her head and stood on tiptoes to wipe away the water on Xie Limo’s face. “It’s all because of me that you’re in this mess now. I just… I…” She tried to say something, but she really couldn’t express her feelings at the moment.

Xie Limo finally understood what she was trying to say. A glint flashed in his eyes, and he tenderly, yet resignedly caressed her head. He wrapped her in his arms tightly and said, “Silly, are you feeling bad for me now?”

Yun Bixue leaned against Xie Limo’s chest and nodded several times. She nestled against him and used his wet sleeve to wipe her tears away. Although his clothes were drenched and cold, she felt exceptionally warm.

“Why are you still crying? Look, I’m fine. My clothes are just wet. Besides, the weather’s not that cold. We’ve already done a good deed by saving Yangyang, haven’t we?” Xie Limo patted Yun Bixue’s back and comforted her.

Yun Bixue took in a deep breath. Even though Xie Limo was drenched, she could still smell his distinct fragrance. She answered softly, “I don’t want you to help me put on my shoes. You’re an elegant and magnificent person, and I feel miserable watching you do it.” This time, she went ahead and expressed her true thoughts.