Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 728

Chapter 728 Su Lenghan's Pale Face

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After hearing Su Lengxian’s words, Su Lenghan couldn’t contain his shock. His vision turned black, and he stumbled backwards, almost losing consciousness.

“Elder Brother! Are you okay? Elder Brother, what happened? Don’t scare me!” Seeing Su Lenghan in this state, Su Lengxian trembled as she stepped forward to hold him.

Su Lenghan punched himself hard in the face to force himself to stay alert. His complexion turned pale as he asked, “What really happened to Yangyang?” He really didn’t dare to imagine what would happen if something were to happen to Yangyang. If that were to happen, he would lose all hope in life. How could ever go on living without her?

Su Lengxian looked at her elder brother’s ashen expression and lonely gaze, and she tightly clenched her fists. She lowered her head and said, “Elder brother, it’s all my fault. It’s all my fault. If it weren’t for me, Yangyang wouldn’t end up like this.” As she spoke, she began to cry. She honestly had no idea that things would turn out this way.

She just wanted to bring Yangyang out so her niece could have some fun and soak up some sunlight. However, she hadn’t expected to bump into Li Wenhui, that lunatic.

She was gravely afraid that her elder brother would scold her. In fact, she reproached herself too. She was really fond of Yangyang. After all, she was her elder brother’s child, not to mention that she was Yangyang’s aunt. There was no way she could hurt the child.

Su Lenghan’s gaze was locked on the emergency room’s door. “What happened to Yangyang?” Su Lenghan asked, the shock and worry apparent in his voice.

When Father and Mother Su had finally reached the two of them, the latter held Su Lengxian’s hands and asked, “Lengxian, stop crying. Tell us what happened. Let us know what to expect.” Mother Su’s heart was thumping madly, and her head was ringing loudly. She knew how important Yangyang was to her son. If something were to happen to Yangyang, her son wouldn’t be able to continue living.

Now that the Su family had Yangyang, they enjoyed newfound happiness. She was really afraid that they would return to those dull and lifeless days.

Father Su patted Su Lenghan’s back and turned to Su Lengxian. He asked, “Lengxian, crying won’t solve anything. What did the doctor say?”

Seeing three pairs of eyes staring fixedly at her, Su Lengxian finally said between sobs, “I don’t know what happened too. Everything happened in a blur. I just took Yangyang out today, and I even bought something for her… When I walked past the bridge, I met that crazy woman. She came over and snatched Yangyang away. She really caught me by surprise. It was so sudden that I wasn’t prepared at all. I held onto Yangyang tightly and wanted to run away, but she was completely out of her mind and was so strong. It’s like she had suffered a great blow… After that, she jumped off the bridge with Yangyang…”

The mention of jumping off the bridge was the last straw for Mother Su. She fainted, but Father Su fortunately caught her. He pressed hard on one of her acupuncture points, so Mother Su eventually woke up.

Su Lenghan’s vision turned black as well, and his heart felt suffocated. Nonetheless, he clenched his fists tightly and forced himself to continue listening. He didn’t allow himself to faint, but his face still turned green and pale.

Seeing her family members’ expressions, Su Lengxian’s heart shuddered, and she didn’t dare to continue. Her voice trembled as she said, “Elder Brother, Father, Mother… Don’t worry. Yangyang has been rescued in time, and she’s well. She’s just frightened… She has already been sent to the emergency room.”

Su Lenghan asked stiffly, “What did the doctor say before she went in?”

“The doctor said that it was an emergency. A child that young had fallen from such a height into a body of cold water. She had suffered a huge trauma, so she must undergo a thorough check. I think the doctor said those words.” While Su Lengxian was explaining, her heart shuddered again. She didn’t dare to raise her head and look at Su Lenghan.

She was really afraid to see the shock and pain in her elder brother’s eyes. She would really blame herself and feel like she didn’t belong in the family. She was afraid that her elder brother wouldn’t allow her to hold Yangyang anymore.