Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 730

Chapter 730 Out Of Danger


Mother Su took in a deep breath. She didn’t know what to say to Su Lengxian, but she felt that it was a good thing that her daughter had changed for the better and know that she had been wrong. As long as Yangyang was fine now, everything would be all right.

Therefore, Mother Su’s heart was beating madly. She just couldn’t stand still and could only pace around them incessantly.

As for Su Lengxian, she just sobbed quietly at the side.

Time trickled past slowly. The emergency room door remained shut as Su Lenghan kept his eyes peeled at it. On the surface, the Su family appeared calm, but they were all anxious deep down.

Suddenly, Su Lenghan asked, “How’s Li Wenhui?”

Hearing her elder brother’s voice all of a sudden, Su Lengxian’s heart skipped a beat. She hesitated and finally said, “Elder Brother, when she was rescued, she was already gone. The reason why Yangyang wasn’t overly injured was because Li Wenhui had held her up above the water when they jumped in. Yangyang didn’t fall into the water at all.” At that moment, Su Lengxian couldn’t wrap her head around it. What was Li Wenhui feeling and thinking at that time? She didn’t understand why Li Wenhui would choose to save Yangyang even during the last moments of her life.

Su Lenghan froze when he heard this. He didn’t say a single word, but he could recall what had happened the first time he met Li Wenhui.

Back then, he had woken up in a daze. Seeing a naked woman beside him, he was stunned speechless, but he also knew that someone must have plotted it. During that time, he felt lost and didn’t know what to do at all. He had hurt Yun Bixue before, and he didn’t want to hurt another woman again.

Even though he knew that Li Wenhui had an ulterior motive, he still offered her a sum of money. He persuaded her to live a decent life and marry a nice man.

Perhaps he really didn’t understand women well as he never expected her to be so stubborn. He continued to see her at his office and even the hospital.

He had never fallen for her at all. He just felt sympathetic towards her. While Li Wenhui was being persistent, he could recall all the times that Yun Bixue had been nice to him.

As he thought about Yun Bixue, his heart would ache more and more.

His body grew increasingly rigid, and his mind was flooded with memories of her. Shaking his head, he cleared all these thoughts and took in a deep breath. “Stop crying. It’s not your fault, alright?” If he hadn’t chosen Meng Xinyan right at the start, none of this would have happened.

Although Su Lenghan said that he didn’t blame Su Lengxian, she still reproached herself deep down.

Su Lenghan felt rather sentimental too. His younger sister used to be so arrogant and bossy. She did everything that she wanted without any regard for anyone’s feelings. Now that she had really changed and matured, he didn’t need to worry about her excessively. He merely wished that Su Lengxian could find a man who doted on her. Regardless of that man’s wealth, Su Lenghan wouldn’t object, as long as he treated his younger sister well.

Su Lenghan told her not to cry, but Su Lengxian wailed even louder. As she thought about the stupid things she did in the past, she felt like slamming her head against the wall.

Right at this moment, the door to the emergency room opened. The three of them rushed over with their hearts in their mouth. Seeing that the doctor had come out of the door, they hurriedly asked, “Doctor, how is it? How is the child?”

The doctor removed his mask and answered, “She’s already out of danger, but her body is still rather frail and needs proper rest and care. Nothing like this can happen to her again.”

Mother Su heaved a long sigh of relief as she regained the strength in her legs. She thanked the doctor over and over again. “Thank you, doctor, thank you. It definitely won’t happen again.”