Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 735

Chapter 735 What A Nice Sound?


After that statement, Yun Bixue’s hold on Shen Jingcui’s head tightened as she forced her further into the wall. “Also, just because I haven’t done anything to you in the past doesn’t mean that I’m easy to bully. You tried to kill me and even acted like a crazy bitch to anger me. I’ll let you have a taste of what happens to people who provoke me.”

Since Shen Jingcui couldn’t move, she could only struggle with her arms. She shouted, “Yun Bixue, don’t try to intimidate me. I’m not scared of you!”

Yun Bixue’s eyebrows twitched as she revealed a radiant smile. She tapped Shen Jingcui’s face lightly as her cold voice filled the cell, “I know that you are not scared. That’s why I’ve prepared a special show for you.”

Shen Jingcui’s heart started pounding upon seeing the radiant smile on Yun Bixue’s face. She remembered the day when Yun Bixue at Luxury Emperor. During that time, she brought a female bodyguard with her as she barged into their private room and wreaked havoc. She clearly remembered her oppressive aura and actions.

The Yun Bixue today felt like her from that day. She was nothing like how the media portrayed her—angelic and gentle.

To give herself courage, Shen Jingcui said, “Yun Bixue, there’s nothing that I have not been through. If you want to intimidate me, you can just dream on!”

Yun Bixue waved her arm flippantly. “I’m not planning anything. I’m just worried that if you went insane, I wouldn’t be able to play the game that I’ve planned for you.” Right after saying this, she harshly tugged Shen Jingcui’s hair.

Shen Jingcui screeched in pain. The pain seemed like it was tearing at her scalp.

In an expressionless voice, Yun Bixue commented, “What a nice sound. Continue screaming, I want to hear more of it. Do you want me to record it down for you?”

Shen Jingcui would’ve never expected Yun Bixue to be so cold and merciless.

Seeing that gaze in Shen Jingcui’s eyes, Yun Bixue spoke again. “Now, don’t look at me like that. If someone attempted to kill you several times, will you still treat them kindly?”

Shen Jingcui realized that if it were her, she would definitely not forgive the person who attempted to kill her. In order to survive and get her revenge, there was nothing she wouldn’t do.

The moment she thought about the things she would do, a shiver ran through her spine. Her expression paled to reveal her fear. If Yun Bixue was carrying that sort of mindset, there was no way she would be allowed to live properly.

Shen Jingcui said in an anxious voice, “Yun Bixue, don’t you want to know who came to visit me?”

Yun Bixue mocked, “Shen Jingcui, you’re smart, but you keep using your wit at the wrong time. I don’t wish to know. Or I can also say that your words mean nothing to me.” Yun Bixue understood that Shen Jingcui probably didn’t know much about it herself. Furthermore, since Xie Limo went to retrieve the video, the contents of the video would probably be more informative than whatever Shen Jingcui could offer.

Seeing that Yun Bixue was unmoved, Shen Jingcui forced the gears in her head to spin again. She couldn’t die. She had to survive.

Yun Bixue allowed Shen Jingcui to wander in her thoughts. When the latter was about to continue with her pretense as a lunatic, she spoke, “If you’re still alive after this, I will send you back to the asylum and get a few more of your lunatic friends to accompany you. That way, you wouldn’t be lonely.”

At that point, Yun Bixue had learned how to grasp the minds of people. In addition to that, her EQ was several notches higher than it was before.

As expected, with just that single sentence, fear began to seep into Shen Jingcui’s face. When she was in the asylum, she saw how crazy the other patients were. She was alright during the first few days, but after spending a long time with them, her mind became unstable as well.

No, no! She definitely cannot be with those crazy people. She had to think of a way out.

Shen Jingcui averted her gaze and avoided eye contact with Yun Bixue. Her heart thumped uneasily as she tried not to show her discomfort to Yun Bixue.