Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 736

Chapter 736 Hurting Feet


Yun Bixue carefully observed Shen Jingcui’s expression. She could tell that the latter was panicking now. At this stage, Shen Jingcui would be easy to deal with.

When Xie Limo came back with the video recording, Yun Bixue had one hand on her waist and another tugging Shen Jingcui’s hair—she looked furious.

Xie Limo’s expression shifted as he spoke in a low voice, “What’s the matter?” He went forward and patted Yun Bixue on the back. “There’s no need for you to get angry.”

Yun Bixue shook her head. “I’m not angry. I just find it funny that she’s still trying her tricks on me.”

Xie Limo didn’t even give Shen Jingcui a single glance. “I will send someone over to deal with her later. You just have to watch.”

“I will.”

Xie Limo then proceeded to show the video to Yun Bixue. When she saw the suspicious staff, Yun Bixue immediately paused the video and zoomed in on the screen. The camera was facing her back, but it really looked like Chu Fei’er.

“That should be her!”

Xie Limo knew who Yun Bixue was referring to because she had mentioned her name a few times. Because of his worry for Yun Bixue’s safety, Xie Limo did a background check on Chu Fei’er. However, her records were too simple and clean, so much so that it was suspicious.

As long as something was suspicious, there would definitely be something behind it.

As Yun Bixue continued to watch the recording, she realized that it only showed the back view of the person.

Looking at how anxious Yun Bixue was, Xie Limo comforted her. “Don’t be too anxious. The video recording was probably tampered with, or that person probably knew about the camera angles, so she was trying to avoid her face being seen.”

Hearing those words, Shen Jingcui laughed out loud. “You guys can ask me. I know all about it since I’ve met her before.”

Yun Bixue squinted her eyes and said in a cold voice, “Even if you have met her before, you wouldn’t tell us. Besides, she was probably wearing a face mask, so all you saw was just her eyes, and that’s worth nothing.”

Shen Jingcui’s face reddened as her glee was trampled on and crushed in an instant. What a downer!

Finally, Yun Bixue thought of an idea. She asked for everything to be moved away and installed speakers all around Shen Jingcui’s cell. Scary voices boomed all around her cell, followed by what Shen Zhengyao had said to her.

This was mentally torturous for Shen Jingcui, turning her genuinely insane. After repeated checks from Ling Nanchen, a gold medal doctor, he confirmed that she was indeed crazy, so they sent her back to the asylum.

At that point, Yun Bixue could finally heave a sigh of relief from the bottom of her heart.

When she was walking back, her tendons, which were already strained, started hurting unbearably. They hurt so much that it was hard for her to pretend that nothing was wrong.

Xie Limo went ahead to get the car, but after waiting for a while with Yun Bixue nowhere in sight, he got worried and went down to search for her. He found Yun Bixue looking at her feet while sitting on the steps, her high heels on the ground beside her.

At that moment, with the light shining on her, Xie Limo could see the numerous blisters on her feet—some of them were even bleeding. This sight alone was blindingly painful for Xie Limo.

He immediately kneeled down in front of Yun Bixue and took a closer look at her feet. “What happened? Why didn’t you say anything before this?”

Although his tone was reprimanding, his voice conveyed the ache in his heart.

Yun Bixue pretended to be at ease and answered, “I’m alright. They didn’t hurt that much earlier. I just feel a little uncomfortable now.”

Xie Limo lightly knocked Yun Bixue on the forehead. “Why are you lying? Have they been hurting the entire day?” Now that he recalled, she was acting oddly after they came out of the hospital. He didn’t know that her feet were hurting at that time. It was all his fault. He didn’t pay too much attention and failed to notice her discomfort.