Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 738

Chapter 738 The Girl Who You Adore The Most?


Xie Limo’s expression was too serious, so Yun Bixue couldn’t continue joking. Instead, she stared at him as she thought about how perfect he looked doing anything. He was incredibly eye-catching indeed.

Yun Bixue continued to stare at her husband, forgetting all about the pain in her feet.

Xie Limo was confused at Yun Bixue’s sudden silence. He raised his head only to meet her clear gaze. His eyes softened as he asked, “Why are you looking at me like that?”

Yun Bixue placed both hands on her cheeks and supported her head. “I’m thinking that you’re the most handsome man in the whole world, of course.”

Xie Limo felt a little helpless. “Seeing how energetic you are, you aren’t sleepy at all?”

Yun Bixue shook her head. “I’m not tired. I managed to vent so much anger today, so I actually feel good right now. If I meet people who asked for it, please let me settle them myself.”

“Not everyone’s so silly to be there for you to vent your anger. You have to be more careful when you go out, okay? Don’t be reckless.”

Hearing Xie Limo’s worry, Yun Bixue nodded her head. “Okay, I understand. I’ll be calm if something happened, and I won’t be reckless. I’ll do my best not to let you worry needlessly.”

After applying the medication, Xie Limo wrapped her feet up with bandages. “You’re still telling me not to worry. Your feet are already hurting this much, and yet you’re still enduring it.”

Yun Bixue recalled her training last year. “The training that time taught me to endure. Even if it hurts so much, I have to withstand the pain. I think I did pretty well, so you should praise me instead, right?”

Xie Limo pinched Yun Bixue’s nose. “What kind of logic is that? Who said that to you?”

“I’m never telling you. If I do, you’ll probably scold that person. I think the coach is right. You should reward him, okay?” Yun Bixue obviously knew the meaning behind his words. That was why she wasn’t going to tell him.

She looked at Xie Limo’s side profile. He was truly magnificentso vibrantly eye-catching. After a moment, her eyes lit up as she suddenly realized something. “Hubby, I remember someone saying something about you being in charge of the looks, while I’ll be in charge of earning money for the family.”

Xie Limo flicked Yun Bixue’s forehead. “That’s not it. It’s the other way around. You’re really energetic tonight, huh? Have you forgotten the pain already?” For some reason, Yun Bixue was really talkative tonigh