Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 74

Chapter 74: Sharp and Fierce

Old Master Shen suddenly sat up in shock. "There were never any issues in the past. Why are things so problematic this time? What kind of household cannot be censored with money?" Old Master Shen said in disbelief, his expression changing.

Shen Wenqi suppressed his feelings. "Dad, I think there's more to this matter. We never used to have any problems and with so many mining businesses, why is it only the Jia family's business that has the workers' families kicking up a fuss?"

"There is no point in saying all this now. Quickly go investigate and get Zhengyao to handle this. The issue must be contained. Oh right, reduce the amount of contact with the Jia family for the time being. Even if anything should happen, they won't come barging at our Shen family." With that, Old Master Shen leaned by the bedside in dismay, and his head started to throb.

Shen Zhengyao was having fun outside when he received a call from his father. He spewed out some curses. Why were so many things happening to the Shen family lately?

"Young Master Shen, stay!" The woman sitting on the bed hugged Shen Zhengyao's waist and fawned over him.

"I can't today. Something cropped up at home. Be good; I'll accompany you another day." As he spoke, he hurriedly put on his clothes and then left.

After seeing Shen Zhengyao leave, the woman hid the alluring smile on her face and calmly made a call.

Upon receiving the news, Yang Mei personally visited Yun Bixue and relayed the news of the Shen family to her.

Yun Bixue sipped on her tea elegantly, and a dangerous glint surfaced in her eyes. "Very good. Let the Jia family get thrown around for a while. After they've been pushed to the peak of the storm, the Shen family wouldn't dare to aggravate the Jia family, which will drive a wedge between the two families. After which, the matter of striking back will be effortless for us."

The Shen family wanted Yun Bixue and her grandfather dead in order to take over the entire Yun family. Shouldn't they also consider whether Yun Bixue would be agreeable to this?

Everyone who had ever harmed the Yun family would be trampled under her feet so that none of the other families would ever dare to undermine her family again.

When Yun Mengshi returned home, her mind seemed somewhat unhinged. Yang Siru sat on the couch, applying a mask while watching television. Seeing that her daughter had come home, her eyes glowed with wonder. "Wow, this here is my most beautiful daughter. So pretty, even I almost couldn't recognize you." Yang Siru felt the most pride for her daughter.

Watching the glimmer in Yang Siru's eyes, Yun Mengshi's heart felt even heavier. "Mom, why isn't Dad around?"

"That idiot. He's been busy with work and apparently disappeared. He said he'd be working after hours today and there's no need to wait for him for dinner." Yang Siru didn't suspect anything. For many years, she had been familiar with Yun Muzhong's personality and knew that he was soft and easy to manipulate.

Her face pale, Yun Mengshi bit her lips and took in a deep breath. "Mom, you should pay less attention to your clothes and masks, and be more considerate of Dad instead. Take better care of his feelings."

Yang Siru had just praised her daughter, but her face was now painted with displeasure. "Mengshi, did you get off the wrong side of the bed today? I'm enjoying my life. Why the need to cling onto that idiot for the entire day? Your dad is useless, but you still want me to help him improve?" Yang Siru was used to displaying such arrogance and aloofness for so many years. Ultimately, her first consideration was still herself.

Yun Mengshi clenched her jaw. Lowering her head, she hesitated before finally speaking, "Mom, I saw Dad today."

Yang Siru showed a doubtful expression. "You saw Dad? Isn't he busy at work? How could you have seen him?"

"I..." Yun Mengshi paused, unsure how to begin. Suddenly, an old lady's voice came from the floor above them. "Mengshi, you're back. Your outfit is pretty today."

Yun Mengshi was flattered. She knew that the old lady was known to be critical. For her to acknowledge that it looked good, she must truly look exceptional today.

Yun Mengshi instantly forgot what she'd intended to say and she relished in the gorgeous attire she was wearing. When she recovered from her daydream, Yang Siru was already sucking up to Old Lady Shen. Their conversation had been interrupted, and she no longer had the courage to bring it up again.

With regards to the video game company that Yun Bixue had invested in and establishedand managed by Duan Qiushuafter it released its first game, it generated an explosive response. The turnover on the first day already exceeded a million yuan, and the daily sales showed an accelerating trend. Duan Qiushu also abruptly joined the ranks of the affluent.

However, Duan Qiushu was neither arrogant nor worried, and he was instead calm and collected. Yun Bixue praised him for his stellar performance, but Duan Qiushu only shook his head. "This version of the game can be better. I will continue to develop it."

"Okay, we've made a lot of profit this time, so I'm giving you a few days of leave. Go home to visit your family. You can withdraw the annual salary that I paid you in advance. Go home and buy what your parents need." What Yun Bixue admired about Duan Qiushu was his character. He was righteous and never greedy.

Duan Qiushu looked at Yun Bixue with gratitude and said, "I already told my parents. They're really thankful for you and relayed their well-being. They want me to stay here and work hard."

Yun Bixue giggled. She shifted her focus from the video game graphics to Duan Qiushu and said, "In the future, you will be the boss of this company. You'll call the shots for the schedules and operations of the company. I'm merely a shareholder, waiting to collect the yearly dividends."

Shortly after speaking, Yun Bixue received a call, and she wrinkled her brows. "Uncle Liu, so you're saying that someone has been gathering unfavorable information on Limo, and they intend to broadcast it live during his inauguration speech tomorrow?"

"Yes, Miss. Someone intends to go against Young Master Xie. They said that the affluent families are joining up to elect someone else to eradicate Young Master Xie who is an outsider. This is also one of the rules of Ning An City."

The corners of Yun Bixue's lips curled up into a sharp curve. "Have you found out which families are involved?"

After ending the call, Yun Bixue left in a hurry. Anxious, Duan Qiushu asked, "Where are you going? I'll go with you."

"No need. It's at the Luxury Emperor Neon Tower. You probably wouldn't want to go too!"

Neon Tower was a place where people could squander money at the Luxury Emperor and was also an entertainment zone.

When Yun Bixue entered the building alongside Yang Mei and Xie Shiyi, a waiter approached them and asked, "May I know if Miss requires any services?"

"Second floor, section A." Since these people wanted to ambush Xie Limo, she wouldn't hesitate to repay their intentions. As these thoughts ran through her head, the look in her eyes turned more and more malicious.

"Yes, Miss, please come with me."

Entering the private rooms in section A, Yun Bixue realized it was full of peopleSu Lengxian, Yun Mengshi, Jia Dongkun, Shen Jingcui, and several other unfamiliar faces.

Jia Dongkun had too much to drink, and after seeing the three ladies enter the room, he rose up unsteadily. "Su Lengxian, you even invited these beauties. So thoughtful. Come, drink with your master." As he spoke, he carried his wine glass and stumbled forward.

Yun Bixue glanced at Su Lengxian coldly and hurled away Jia Dongkun. She sat on the couch, emitting a sense of indolence and dominance. "Enjoying life indeed."

Su Lengxian said scornfully, "Yun Bixue, what are you doing here? The alcohol here is pretty pricey. Your Yun family has already gone bust, so don't tell me you can afford to drink the alcohol from here." She hadn't expected Yun Bixue to turn up and was feeling annoyed.

"Miss Su doesn't need to fret over whether I can afford it or not." Xie Shiyi caught the signal in Yun Bixue's eyes. Marching forward solemnly, she respectfully poured some wine for Yun Bixue.

Xie Shiyi thought that Yun Bixue would abandon her, but she had received her Young Madam's grace and was still fortunate to be able to take care of her. Keeping her gratitude close to her heart, she was exceptionally respectful in her work.