Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 741

Chapter 741 Thinking Of You


As a man, Xie Limo was not good at expressing his feelings. There were things he understood but kept in his heart without saying them out loud.

Among those things were his love for Yun Bixue and the desire to protect her, which were things he would do naturally. He had no idea when he started wanting to protect her—this was so important to him that it outranked everything else.

That was why he was willing to throw a wrench into his original plans. All he wanted was her happiness.

He got so used to having her by his side that he would miss and worry about her whenever he’s away on business trips. He needed to hear her voice every night before he could rest properly.

Now, he would always say things without knowing it because he remembered his younger sister. He used to listen silently when his younger sister spoke to him, but when his heart ached piercingly after her passing, he could only say his true feelings to the air.

And now that he met Yun Bixue, he slowly started saying what he felt deep inside. He realized that it would sometimes make both of them happy if he said them out loud.

Language was the bridge for communication. Sometimes, if one did not say what they truly felt, their partner wouldn’t be able to understand them, which may then cause misunderstandings to arise.

Yun Bixue leaned quietly on Xie Limo’s chest, listening to his heartbeat. It felt as though she could understand what he was thinking inside, and her lips tilted up into a light smile.

After walking into the bedroom, Xie Limo placed Yun Bixue down gently on the bed and arranged her feet carefully.

Yun Bixue sat up and realized that she wasn’t wearing nightwear, so she asked him, “Limo, can you give me my nightdress from the closet?”

Xie Limo looked at what Yun Bixue was wearing before walking to the closet. When he opened it, there were all sorts of nightwear inside, and many of them even had bear designs. He smiled lightly as he shook his head.

Yun Bixue caught sight of Xie Limo’s smile and said, “Hubby, are you laughing at my pajamas?” She recalled how the salesladies would always snicker secretly when she bought her pajamas. At that time, she just ignored them because it was what she liked, but right now, she felt a little embarrassed. She was an adult already, and yet she still liked pajamas with cartoon designs like how a little girl would like them.

Xie Limo turned to look at Yun Bixue, his gaze revealing warmth and tenderness. “I was just thinking about what design you would like to wear tonight?”

Yun Bixue pointed at one of the nightdresses in the closet. “The fifth from the left. That one is as long as a dress, so I don’t have to wear pants below it.” After saying this, Yun Bixue’s face flushed red. She realized the implication of her statement, so she quickly bowed her head and averted her gaze.

With a hand in his pocket, Xie Limo stood elegantly as he picked out the said nightdress with his other hand. “This one?”

With her head still bowed, Yun Bixue fumbled to take it. “Yes, this is the one.”

Xie Limo’s right hand gently tilted her head up. “Wife, are you sure this is the right one? You didn’t even look at it.”

Yun Bixue raised her head and looked at Xie Limo, but she was immediately captured by the dark and intoxicating look in his eyes. At that moment, she flushed red—she was already thinking about that pleasurable scene.

A strange light flashed in Xie Limo’s eyes. His wife was actually blushing.

He leaned towards Yun Bixue, and he was so close that she could feel his breath on her face. He gently caressed her face as he asked in a deep, mesmerizing voice, “My wife, what are you thinking?”

“You!” As soon as she said this, she wanted to lower her head again, but Xie Limo’s hand was still on her chin. Before she could even react, he closed in for a kiss.