Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 742

Chapter 742 To Become Even Stronger

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After kissing Yun Bixue, Xie Limo said, “For my wife to be thinking about me, I’m elated.”

Hearing Xie Limo’s happy tone, Yun Bixue revealed a radiant smile. “As long as you’re happy.”

“You aren’t shy now, are you?”

Yun Bixue shook her head. “You’re my husband, so why would I be shy?”

“You don’t mean what you say. Look at your blushing face. Change into your nightdress now and sleep well.”

Yun Bixue was about to follow Xie Limo’s orders, but after eyeing Xie Limo, she asked. “Hubby, aren’t you going to shower?”

Xie Limo sat at the bedside before turning his head towards her. “And my wife said that she isn’t shy. Look at how quickly she changed her mind.”

“Hubby,” Yun Bixue whined coquettishly before giving him a pitiful look.

Xie Limo laughed helplessly before standing up to go to the bathroom.

After hearing the sounds of water from the bathroom, Yun Bixue finally changed into her nightdress. While lying on the bed and tucked in snugly, she thought about what happened the past few days.

Her memories flashed through her mind like a movie. She sighed before a serious gleam appeared in her eyes. As she clutched the corner of the blanket tightly, her expression shifted in displeasure and disappointment in herself.

She was becoming more and more reliant on Xie Limo. Although he didn’t say anything, she understood that it was bad if she continued like this. He was always there to advise and think for her, so it was true that she was not strong enough. Her heart was, indeed, a little fragile.

Because of love, she lost her logical thinking and became more fragile. She thought about how she could get herself to stay calm and rational, and what she needed to do from now on to accomplish everything—to be worthy for Xie Limo.

She understood how tough it was to be the one who was always providing love, so she hoped that she could give more to him.

After a while, Yun Bixue slowly drifted to sleep, promising to herself that she would work hard so she can be worthy of him. When Xie Limo stepped out from the bathroom, he saw Yun Bixue already asleep, but the blanket was slightly ruffled and bunched up.

Seeing Yun Bixue’s exposed feet, Xie Limo’s heart ached. He tucked the blanket securely around her as he gazed deeply at her, filling his heart up with satisfaction.

After falling in love, there was no other reason for his existence. He wanted to give the best of the world to her. He felt sorry for her—ever since she followed him, she met with numerous troubles and was in a constant state of danger.

After a peck on Yun Bixue’s forehead, Xie Limo headed for the study.

In the next few days, Yun Bixue woke up early and returned to the old Yun family house to arrange for some things with the Yun family’s men of sacrifice. Sometimes, she would also train at the training grounds in the old family house. She would train herself ceaselessly, without caring for pain or fatigue, in hopes that her constitution would improve from the tough training.

The training was so harsh that she would be drenched in sweat after the session. After showering and resting, she would pretend as if nothing happened before returning home in order not to worry Xie Limo.

She tried hard not to make her injury worse, and because the medication was top-grade, her injury recovered quickly.

Uncle Wu ached for her when he saw how hard Yun Bixue was working. “Miss, you already have the men of sacrifice to protect you. Please take it easy and rest a little!”

“Uncle Wu, I’m fine, so don’t you worry. I can feel my strength and agility improving now.”

Uncle Wu remarked in exasperation, “Miss has always been very strong.”

Yun Bixue shook her head. “Those words are too much for me, Uncle Wu. This is the result of the training I received last year. I wish for myself to become stronger in the future, so I can protect the people who I love and love me. I want to protect my family better.”