Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 744

Chapter 744 Multiple Choice Question

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Yun Bixue knew that when Xie Limo became stubborn, whatever she said would be useless. She could only walk towards the living room, but when she reached the kitchen doorway, she turned around and said, “Hubby, how about I stay here and chat with you?” Whenever she felt tired from training, even if it was just a little, she wanted to hear his voice.

That was because it felt like he was giving her strength just by being by her side.

Xie Limo took the rice out from the rice cooker and chuckled. Looking at Yun Bixue’s pitiful figure, who was hanging around the kitchen doorway, he instructed, “Go and sit there. I’ll be there with you in a while, okay?” This feeling of being relied on by his wife was pretty good.

She pouted. “Then I’ll just wait here and look at you.”

“It’s not like I’ll go missing, right? What’s with you lately? You’ve been clingy and sticking closely!”

Yun Bixue leaned her head on the door frame and mumbled, “Is it bad that I’m sticking close to you?”

Xie Limo replied gently, “It’s not like you don’t know me. If I could, I would keep you by my side forever, but I’m worried that something bad will happen to you. Are you letting your thoughts run wild again?”

“No, no. It’s just that I’ve thought through it. I was too stubborn and willful, and I’m tiring you out because of it.”

Hearing Yun Bixue’s upset tone, Xie Limo raised his eyebrows as surprise flashed in his eyes. He walked over to her side and caressed her head. “Now, this isn’t like you.”

“Hubby, I still think that I’m too willful sometimes. I should always trust and believe in you no matter what happens.”

Xie Limo sighed again. “You’re always letting your thoughts run wild. You know that’s not good. If you were to treat me like how you would treat a guest, always so indifferent, I would think you’re my subordinate. To me, you’re special. You can show all your sides to me. After all, you only show them to me, right?”

Being questioned like this by Xie Limo, Yun Bixue could only nod her head. That was indeed the case. In the past, she always hid what she truly felt from An Yexuan and Su Lenghan. She was understanding and gentle—a lady through and through.

However, in front of Xie Limo, she would always show all her sides unknowingly. Whether it was happiness, sadness, anger, or excitement, she had never tried to hide it from him. It was a strange feeling, but it felt natural as well because he gave her a sense of security. It was something no one else could do, and the confidence she held for him was something from deep within her heart.

Xie Limo kissed Yun Bixue on the head before he said softly, “Let’s eat, my sentimental and emotional wife.”

“I’m not younger sister Lin!”

Xie Limo coaxed gently, “Okay, you are not. You are my wife.”

When they sat down to eat, Yun Bixue had something she wanted to say, but looking at how seriously Xie Limo was eating, she hesitated and held herself back.

Xie Limo peeled a prawn and fed Yun Bixue before asking, “What do you want to say? You’ve been thinking about it for a while.”

Yun Bixue gratefully accepted the prawn and chewed happily. “Hubby, do men like younger sister Lin? Or do they like elder sister Xue?

Xie Limo’s hand, which was holding chopsticks at the moment, paused as he locked his gaze with hers. Looking at her frowning face, he replied slowly, “You want to know my answer?”


“If it were me, I would not choose either of them.”

Yun Bixue’s mouth dropped open in shock. He would choose neither?