Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 745

Chapter 745 Want To Say Good Morning

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Because Xie Limo talked about emotional and sentimental things, Yun Bixue thought of asking that question—she wanted to know who Xie Limo would choose. She had thought of all sorts of possibilities, but she had never expected him to choose none.

Xie Limo laughed. “What’s there to be shocked about? The person who I will always choose will always be my wife.”

Hearing that statement, Yun Bixue laughed. Her mood, which was slightly down, brightened immediately as she chewed on her chopsticks. “Hubby, I’m still confused. Why didn’t you choose any of them?”

“Since I have a wife, I won’t choose any.”

Yun Bixue emphasized, “It’s just an example! A ‘what if’ situation, okay?”

“There are no ‘ifs’ in this world because I already have my wife, who is someone I wish to protect.”

Although Yun Bixue didn’t manage to hear what she wanted to find out, hearing Xie Limo’s answer did make her feel sweet inside.

After finishing their meal, she wore a full set of pajamas to prevent Xie Limo from discovering the bruises she’d gotten from her training. The moment she hit the bed, she fell fast asleep.

When Xie Limo was done with his work and was about to sleep, he couldn’t bear to disturb Yun Bixue, who was already sleeping soundly. He cuddled her tightly as he fell asleep beside her.

When Yun Bixue woke up early the next day, she turned and stared at Xie Limo, who was sleeping soundly beside her. She had a sudden urge to kiss him and wish him a good morning.

She knew that it had been tough on him lately. That was why she wasn’t afraid of working hard as well.

She placed Xie Limo’s work clothes neatly by the bedside before she went to wash up. Afterwards, she prepared breakfast and kept it warm inside the pot so that Xie Limo could have his breakfast hot.

Although Xie Limo forbade her from entering the kitchen, she still made breakfast for him. Once breakfast was cooked, she asked a servant she was closer to to keep it a secret and say that breakfast was made by them.

She then wrote a note and stuck it on the table, informing Xie Limo that she would go to work first.

When everything was done, Yun Bixue left the house unwillingly for work.

Today, Yang Mei prepared all the needed information for the talent team. All that was left was for Yun Bixue to pick them out personally.

When Yun Bixue arrived at the office, she saw the stack of documents on her table and flipped through them. As she reviewed the information, she nodded happily, satisfied with Yang Mei’s work efficiency.

Yun Bixue looked through them carefully as she compared each and every one of them. After being undecided for the entire day, she picked out twenty people. She then told Yang Mei, “I will meet these twenty people first.”

When Yang Mei looked through Miss Yun’s list of candidates, she was startled. “Miss Yun, there are other more talented people than these twenty. Why did you pick them?”

Yun Bixue spoke in all seriousness, “Yang Mei, qualifications do not equate to everything. You have to look through the details to find things of value. For example, this man was an outstanding worker in the bank, but he was fired because he laundered money. Now, this information is full of loopholes. I’m sure that this person is morally upright, but because he didn’t want to associate himself with undesirable people, he was discriminated against. And this person was a thief, but he always had his reasons for doing it. He always left behind some documents, meaning that he can be used… And this one…”

Hearing Yun Bixue dissect each and every one of these people, Yang Mei couldn’t help the admiration that rose in her heart—Miss Yun’s judgment and analysis were on point. She realized that she still had a lot to learn.