Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 746

Chapter 746 Preparing For Battle

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Yang Mei felt that she was worlds apart from Miss Yun.

Looking at the expression on Yang Mei’s face, Yun Bixue patted her back and comforted her. “Don’t feel bad, okay? You did a great job scouting these people.”

As soon as she finished her sentence, the office phone rang. It was a call from the police station, and it was about the five children from the rich families that Yun Bixue had beaten up earlier.

The police called to inform Yun Bixue about the results of their work. They were just trying to see if Yun Bixue was satisfied with how they handled the case.

Yun Bixue pondered momentarily and answered that she would go over to take a look personally. Afterwards, she picked up her cell phone and gave Xie Limo a call.

Hearing his melodious voice from the other end of the line, Yun Bixue relaxed her tensed mood. A warm smile appeared on her lips as she said, “Hubby, you don’t have to come and pick me up later. I’ll go to the police station…” She then explained the call from the police station to Xie Limo.

When Xie Limo heard about it, he didn’t feel assured and wanted to tag along with Yun Bixue.

Yun Bixue assured him. “Relax, it’ll be fine. I’ll bring two men of sacrifice with me, so I’ll definitely stay safe this time around…”

Regardless of what Yun Bixue said, Xie Limo simply didn’t feel safe allowing her to go out alone.

Yun Bixue could only insist and emphasize again. “Hubby, you have to let me go so I can do certain things. Don’t treat me like a child, okay? If I were to be constantly protected by you, I’ll become more and more lazy…”

Under Yun Bixue’s persistence, Xie Limo sent two more guards to protect her, and he finally allowed her to go.

Later, when Yun Bixue was on her way to the police station, she was suddenly surrounded by several cars on the highway. Yun Bixue failed to notice them in the beginning, and it was only afterwards that she realized the cars had done it on purpose.

Yun Bixue squinted and looked at the rearview mirror, taking note of the plate numbers on those cars. Her gaze shifted when she realized that they were somewhat similar to the plate numbers of the cars of those five children.

Could they have plotted this to attack her? Could they be seeking revenge? Was that phone call from the police fake?

Yun Bixue was stunned. While she drove, she pulled her hair up into a ponytail and said to the guards in the passenger seat, “Prepare for battle.”

The four of them were taken aback and immediately became alert. They must protect Young Madam well. This was their duty, and they must carry it out even if they die.

Yun Bixue stepped on the gas and turned the steering wheel. She focused intently on the road as she began to increase the speed of the car. In an instant, she escaped from the cars that surrounded and attacked her.

However, those cars were unfazed and continued to pursue her relentlessly. After a moment, they surrounded Yun Bixue’s car once again.

Yun Bixue swerved her car and went off the road. Her speed was lightning fast, and she maintained it even as she turned and went down the slopes.

The cars behind her collectively exclaimed, “Is that woman tired of living?”

“Hmph! She’s scared and knows what we’re capable of. Even so, she doesn’t want to die in our hands.”

“Those five guys from our Xianglai City were injured because of her. I won’t ever let go of this opportunity.”

“Let’s speed up, my brothers. Let’s go!”

As they approached a tunnel, Yun Bixue suddenly swerved again and turned the car in the opposite direction. She sped towards the cars, facing them head-on. Just as she sped past them, she rolled down her window, and with one hand on the steering wheel, she began shooting at them with the other.

The gunshots reverberated as she shot accurately at the cars’ tires. The guards followed suit and fired at them as well. Needless to say, an intense shootout ensued.