Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 747

Chapter 747 Subduing A Seven Member Team

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Yun Bixue’s gaze was frosty while she drove and shot simultaneously. This time, she remained calm and rational. With the guards’ help, they subdued all seven cars and nabbed everyone inside them. The drivers and passengers were all youngsters.

The seven of them, who were pressed down on the ground, all looked unhappy and nervous.

Yun Bixue blew at the gun’s muzzle. Pointing at the seven of them, she asked, “Don’t think that I won’t dare to shoot. Speak up. Why did you attack me?”

Seeing how domineering Yun Bixue was, they all seemed helpless as they looked at each other. They had absolutely no idea how to answer her.

Yun Bixue toyed with her gun and coldly said, “Not speaking? Then we’ll keep on waiting here!”

“You hurt the people from our city, so of course we have to stand up for them. We weren’t trying to do anything else.” This was all they could say. They had no idea that this woman was so skilled and ruthless.

Yun Bixue stood still and rested her foot against the side of her car. She asked indifferently, “Hmm? You weren’t trying to do anything, and yet you chased me for more than an hour?”

“Miss Yun, we were forced to do this. Those five guys are the children of our Xianglai City’s powerful figures. Our team had to do this in order to survive.”

Yun Bixue was rather doubtful. “Aren’t you children from affluent families too? Your cars are pretty nice.”

“How can we be children from rich families? We’re just slightly more capable than the rest and need to feed ourselves.”

Following Yun Bixue’s interrogation, she finally understood the background of these seven people. They weren’t really related to those five troublemakers. They had merely been paid by them to teach her a lesson.

Yun Bixue snickered. “You’ve really gotten yourselves into serious trouble. If I hadn’t paid close attention, you won’t be able to speak to me now. The call from the police station was part of your plan too, wasn’t it?”

“Yes, we know how to imitate voices. We also used advanced technology to obtain a number similar to the real one.”

After hearing about their wide range of skills, Yun Bixue recalled that she was in the midst of setting up her own talent team. She narrowed her eyes and asked, “If I were to give you a chance to properly develop your skills and become rich, would you be interested?”

Their eyes lit up. Could there really be such a wonderful thing?

When Yun Bixue mentioned that they would be working for her, all of them were hesitant. Seeing their reaction, she began to take out her gun and play with it again. The seven of them suddenly grew afraid and agreed in an instant.

In order to fully convince them, Yun Bixue allowed them to fight her. She defended herself during the seven-against-one match, and she, of course, won in terms of martial arts skills.

Just like that, this dangerous incident turned into something advantageous, and the seven of them became members of Yun Bixue’s talent team. In order to fully utilize their skills, Yun Bixue checked their background. She provided assistance according to their individual circumstances, including their family members who were ill. Yun Bixue sent them to receive the best medical treatment.

Some of their younger sisters had to attend school, so she sent money to their families. She even ensured that they would secure a slot in doctorate programs.

Within a few days, she had completely convinced all of them. Afraid that Xie Limo would be worried, Yun Bixue didn’t tell him about what happened that day.

While occupied with work, the day of the business meeting had finally arrived. The entire Ning An City was brimming with a joyous atmosphere. The streets were decorated with lanterns and banners, and they could be seen adorning the sidewalks as well. It was even more festive than any other celebrations.

Yun Bixue wasn’t used to such festive joy. She said to Xie Limo, “Why does it feel as though we’re celebrating the new year? It doesn’t feel like we’re having a business meeting at all.”